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outfits / Tuesday / August 30th, 2016

Dinner Look


You know how you sometimes get songs stuck in your head, and it won’t go away until you play the song and listen to it? I get that way with outfits. And words. But in this case, we’re talking outfits. I’ve been picturing this look for a while now and just kind of needed to get it out of my brain.  (more…)

video / Monday / August 29th, 2016

My First Q&A Video!


Hi Babes! I’m kicking off Monday by sharing my first Q&A video with you guys. I tried to answer as many questions as I possibly could, and for the ones that I couldn’t, I will be doing a separate written blog post on those. (more…)

outfits / Friday / August 26th, 2016

The Simple Things with Country Road

DSC_6097 new

Sunshine. Adventure and one of your favourite people by your side. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect combo? You know I’m the kind of girl who loves frills and fuss, but something my readers have been noticing and asking about is the undeniable evidence that I’ve been pandering to some simplistic looks all too often these days. (more…)

outfits / Wednesday / August 24th, 2016


By now you all know I’ll toss a leather jacket over just about everything, and an evening gown is no exception! I have a theory that aesthetically it just matches pretty much everything.  (more…)

WORDS / Tuesday / August 23rd, 2016

The Big Beauty Debate: YouTube Make-Up VS the Raw ‘Natural’ Trend

beauty debate

Note: This article first appeared as a piece I wrote when I was the Beauty Editor at I have since modified it slightly to make it applicable here.

For most girls who love following all things beauty, you may have noticed two huge trends contradicting each other in a major way. On the one hand you have your Instagram/YouTube baddies killing it with the best brows, snatched contour and basically an entire glossary of terms we’re still catching up with, while all things high-end, especially in relation to fashion, are pushing for a more natural look, with a focus on skin and celebrating individuality.

So WTF are we actually supposed to be doing in the wake of this BTS Battle of the Faces???  (more…)