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EVENTS / Monday / January 29th, 2018

Fashion Breed & Friends Charity Sale, December 2017


Hi babes, happy Monday! I finally found the time to make this post live and it brings such a smile to my face. As you may know, we hosted the second Fashion Breed & Friends Charity Sale in December, with the aim to raise money for water wells in communities in need around the world. Since I receive so many press drops and generally have tons of clothing, I sold a lot of it, and I was also joined by some of my favorite local brands; Minimal Exposure, .Ing, Know Scrubs, Twin Image, Lazuli and The Flower Girl. The guys from SNS mocktails kept everyone hydrated in style, the Mango Tea Room had us munching on our favorite cakes (carrot cake especially of course), Grand Style Hiring kept us comfortable with their lounge setup and The Palms Deco & Lifestyle Center were incredibly kind enough to host the event. (more…)

video / Tuesday / January 16th, 2018

WATCH: Vlog – Shooting Ascia X Riva, Meet & Greet and My No# 1 Marriage Tip!

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I bring to you what is one of my favorite vlogs ever! We had so much fun during this week and it was without a doubt one I will never forget. Come with me behind the scenes of four shoots during my last work week, including #ModestbyAscia for Riva Middle East, a secret beauty editorial and All Things Hair. Also scenes from our meet & greet, a whole lot of eating and more. (more…)

video / Wednesday / January 10th, 2018


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So you probably remember from my social media platforms that Ascia came to Cape Town for a week and we shot a bunch of cool things together, one of which was this fun video for my channel! It’s one of my most favorite videos ever, and it watching it makes me so happy since it really captures how much we are always laughing and acting a fool together.  (more…)

TRAVEL, TRAVEL ADVICE / Friday / January 5th, 2018

10 Reasons to Stay at the Radisson Red Hotel, Cape Town

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If you followed my social media snaps a few weeks back, you’ll remember Malick and I spent an amazing four nights at the fairly new Radisson RED Hotel in the Silo District in Cape Town. I was booked on quite a few shoots in the city that week, and since I live in the southern suburbs, I really didn’t want to drive into town every single day, sit in the traffic etc. Other than that, do I really need a good excuse to stay in an amazing hotel with the most incredible view in the beautiful city I get to call home?! 

Bringing together elements of fashion, music and art together, Radisson RED is not at all your typical hotel; they really did think of absolutely every guest need when putting this hotel together a couple of months ago! Designed with the millenial in mind, check out my ten reasons to stay at this amazing hotel below!  (more…)

outfits / Friday / December 22nd, 2017

A Guide To Dressing Like a Minimalist


As someone who is somewhat known to be more “extra” with my style, it came as a surprise to me even how I began pandering to a more minimalistic look over the last year or so. I think the reason for my new partial preference came from the fact that I finally understood the art behind it. This whole aesthetic is often associated with being plain, boring, or too clinical, but I’ve fast discovered this to be completely untrue. I also love that it can make you look wonderfully expensive, even with budget-friendly, simple basics. (more…)