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outfits / Wednesday / December 7th, 2016

Mi CorazΓ³n


Today’s post is a little trying for me to share because I wanted to speak about my daily battle with anxiety. If you’re not interested in that part and want to know more about my look, scroll down to where it says “About This Outfit”. But back to this cloud that follows me around. I wanted to talk about it because I want to be real with you all, and I can’t keep showing the pretty parts of my life only. (more…)

BEAUTY, video / Wednesday / November 30th, 2016

Watch My In-Flight Beauty & Self-Care Routine Video


Hi my loves! Hope you’re all having an amazing week so far? Personally I’m just counting down the days until the holidays start. On that note, I filmed a video which I figured would be relevant to so many of you who will be travelling this summer, and it’s all about my in-flight beauty/self-care routine! (more…)

TRAVEL / Wednesday / November 23rd, 2016

Sunglass Hut Road Trip Photo Diary!


Looking at these photographs make me sooo happy! If you read yesterday’s blog post you’ll know a little bit more about the road trip Malick and I went on with Sunglass Hut over the last few days. It really was a trip unlike any other. We had so much fun and even a few mini meltdowns along the way, because hey, it was a LONG drive. (more…)

outfits / Tuesday / November 22nd, 2016

Mustang Moment!


Happy Tuesday my loves! If you’ve been keeping up with my social media these last few days you’ll know myself and Malick headed out on an epic road trip with Sunglass Hut’s team, their content team and one of my favourite local rappers, Moozlie, and her crew! The road trip kicked off in JHB originally with other influencers, and headed to Durban, where Mals and I joined. (more…)

video / Friday / November 11th, 2016

Watch My Fash Pack Insert from the Expresso Show!


Happy Friday my loves! So my day started very early this morning as I made my appearance as part of Expresso Show’s Friday Fash Pack, where we briefly each discussed fashion news and trends we’re loving right now. I’ve been asked so many times to be a part of this changing panel and can never make it, so I’m happy to have finally participated.

But damn, my nose was SO itchy. At one point when Taryn was talking, I just couldn’t Β contain myself and pulled a variety of weird expressions to relieve the itch and just PRAYED the camera was focused on her face and not a group shot. Thankfully, it my Quasimodo moment never made the cut :’) As a result, I don’t think I did too badly on live TV watched by over a million people everyday :)

I hope you enjoy the clip and your weekend! Malick and I are off to the Galileo outdoor cinema tonight. We were so kindly invited to join them for a movie again this year, and I’m super excited because it’s just always such a lovely vibe. The two of us are such movie-heads, it’s the perfect way to welcome summer. If you want to book tickets for one of their movie nights, head over to