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outfits / Thursday / September 14th, 2017

5 Good Reasons to Get a Floral Suit

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This past winter, we saw an increased rise in the popularity of matching separates, from fancy daytime pajamas to power suits. Spring is no different, and (surprise), the season brings a floral touch. So why should you invest in a bold floral suit like this one? I can think of quite a few great reasons.

  1. One suit gives you a minimum of three different potential looks. Firstly, there’s wearing the full suit itself, secondly there’s wearing the top paired with other bottoms, and then the bottoms paired with another top. Mixing and matching brings a ton of possibilities.
  2. In the catchphrase coined by Miranda Priestley, “Florals for Spring? Ground-breaking.” In other words, florals are not going anywhere. The print has become a wardrobe classic instead of a fad, and so you will surely wear your well-cut blooms for many more seasons to come.
  3. Since florals incorporate numerous colors in their print, this gives you far more freedom to team it with more colours in your closet.
  4. Floral suits offer the perfect harmony between femininity and masculinity with an ultra chic touch. It looks just as great with sneakers as it does with heels, and I’m now regretting not shooting it with both!
  5. Rocking a suit of any kind makes the rest of your outfit decisions pretty simple. Since the suit makes the statement, you don’t really have to try hard with all the other elements.

What do you guys think of this look? Would you wear it?



Outfit: Zara Suit, Tom Ford ‘Anoushka’ shades from Sunglass Hut, Lovisa earrings, Tossoni heels from Spitz.

Photographs: by Abdul Malick Ally

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  • I am so in love with the floral suit and wanted to wear one for Eid but still searching for one in a particularly colour palette with a bottom that hits my leg at just the right length. A really fresh and happy look.

  • Lalannie Knoll

    If I saw this in the shop then probably no. But now that I see how you styled it then maybe. Am I brave enough, probably not. You on the otherhand look lovely!!
    And the photos are amazing. Love the neutral cement background.

  • Sindiso Moagi

    Gorgeous Aqeelah. I am not much of a pant wearer but if they had the suit in a dress/skirt + blazer form i definitely would get myself one. I love the look nonetheless