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LONDON, video / Thursday / September 18th, 2014


I’m hardly the avid Youtuber and it’s been some time, but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and my London trip was the perfect opportunity, especially because I had Leonor to help me film it and bring the clip to life. I always have fun editing too, although it took a LONG time! I’m also about to wrap up my part-time make-up course with Smudge Make-Up Academy, so I may venture into the realm of beauty tutorials, we’ll see!

But back to this video. If you’ve been following me for the last three years or so you’ll know how much I love this city, and I’ve been many, many times. I captioned on a recent Instagram post that London is not really a place you visit to be a tourist. Rather, you integrate yourself into it as a local, the best version of yourself, living – for a little while – the life you are naturally good at living. I think that’s why for those of us who have been here more than once, every visit feels fresh and filled with promise. It’s a city that reminds you who you are when no one is watching, and just being there shows you what you can be. After all, it’s damn expensive and getting the Visa equates to moving a mountain, so in other words, you must have done something right. While I was there I imagined my life really being that fast, living from city to city, sleek black private cars chauferring me everywhere, a country where you can easily coin it through your blog, and I imagined being surrounded by so many inspiring people who I could learn from.
This trip was a really unforgettable experience, and I was more humbled by it than anything else. An extra special thanks goes out to everyone involved at adidas Originals South Africa for being proud of me, and arranging every tiny detail before, during and after my stay. More than anything I must express my gratitude and applaud them for believing in the power of online media in our country’s market without my convincing. Not only did they pioneer an attitude that will hopefully inspire more brands, but I’d like to think they spiked a bit of excitement and aspiration in those who aspire to be great in our industry and beyond.