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BEAUTY, CAPE TOWN / Friday / August 3rd, 2018

Our Annual Girls Family Spa Day + Spa Giveaway!

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Every year, somewhere between July and September (the middle ground between my mom, aunt and cousin’s birthday as well as Woman’s Day in South Africa), we do a girls family spa day to celebrate. This year, as a group we tried the multiple award-winning Amani Spa at the Radisson Blu at the Waterfront for the first time as a group, after my cousin and I persuaded everyone else. We’d both been with our husband’s before and absolutely loved it! (more…)

BEAUTY, WORDS / Tuesday / July 31st, 2018

A Contact Directory of Where I go & Why


To answer some of your frequently asked questions, and to support a good couple of local businesses here in Cape Town, I’ve decided to put together a beauty, fashion, fitness and lifestyle directory of where I go and why. From laser hair removal to booking flights, my favourite cafe to the best home workout guides, these are the places I frequent. Hey, maybe I’ll even see you around sometime! (more…)

BEAUTY, video / Tuesday / July 24th, 2018

WATCH: Get Unready With Me & My Manager!

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It’s been a while since I’ve spoken skincare and/or shared tips on growing your digital brand, so today’s video is a double whammy where my manager and I take you through a skincare routine, skin talk and I also interview her about what makes an influencer/public personality successful as a digital brand. Check out the video below for the full scoop! (more…)

BEAUTY / Wednesday / June 20th, 2018

My Favorite Skin Corrector of All Time


It’s no secret that since I experienced the worst breakouts of my life last year, I became a bit of a skincare junkie.  You may remember this post on my Instagram feed, where I shared the SkinCeuticals product range that finally and quickly healed my skin and caused a dramatic change in its overall condition (it was not sponsored). I always specifically refer to SkinCeuticals as “the brand/skincare range that saved my skin”. By now you may also know for the last six months I’ve been going for regular skin treatments with Doctor Leila Sadien at Renascent Health, and she too highly recommends SkinCeuticals as excellent skincare because it is after all, backed by science.  (more…)

BEAUTY / Thursday / June 7th, 2018

Sorbet Make-Up: Testing & First Impressions


In case you missed it, Sorbet (who we mostly know and love for their spas) recently launched their own beauty collection and they sent me a bunch of their products to celebrate! Today I’m giving you my honest thoughts and opinions on each in case you were interested in trying them out for yourself. Sorbet make-up is available at Sorbet salons, Click’s stores and on