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BEAUTY, video / Monday / July 31st, 2017

New Video: Subtle-But-Photogenic Make-Up Tutorial

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Hey guys! Happy Monday :) Today’s beauty tutorial shares my go-to make-up look when I know I’m going to be photographed but I’m lacking some face-beat creativity, lacking time and not in the mood for a heavy look. By now many of you guys know I love to keep my foundation coverage as light as possible, so I also show how I manage to maintain that light skin-like finish despite my recent pimple scarring. I also take you through my natural-looking contour routine. (more…)

BEAUTY / Saturday / July 29th, 2017


IMG_3303When it comes to shopping for beauty products, there is nothing more frustrating than when your coveted products aren’t available in South Africa/your home country. Despite there being re-sellers specializing in selling original beauty products which they bring into the country, at the end of the day they won’t always stock everything, so if there’s anything else you want, you’re going to have to make a plan to get it yourself.


BEAUTY, video, WORDS / Monday / July 24th, 2017

The Mna Nam: My Stylish New Way To Save For Pampering


It goes without saying that self-care and pampering can cost a pretty penny. How often do you go and spoil yourself only to feel a little bit broke afterwards?! Or how often do you neglect some of your appointments because you ran out of money? The latter is definitely my downfall, but recently, the coolest accessory known as the Mna Nam landed on my desk and may just be the solution to my little issue!  (more…)

BEAUTY, video / Thursday / June 8th, 2017

Clicks Beauty Fair Haul & Product Reviews!

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Hi my loves, my second video for the week, look at that! Today’s haul and review features everything I picked up at the Clicks Beauty Fair which features amazing deals and is now on until 14th June 2017. I’ve also linked every item below so you can shop them at Beauty Fair prices while they’re still on for the next week, without even having to leave your seat :) It includes my new favorite make-up cleansing water, features the make-up brand that actually owns Chanel make-up(!), my third tube of what is my favorite affordable lipstick and more. (more…)

BEAUTY / Wednesday / May 31st, 2017

Angel & Alien by Mugler: Refilling at The Source & Deciding Which Fragrance is For You


For women like me, a scent often becomes your signature, and I’m a firm believer in investing in at least one good fragrance and wearing perfume every day. That being said, this investment of course runs out. The initial purchase may feel pricey for some, so let’s be honest here; a little discount on a high end perfume goes a long way! On that note, if you’re a lover of Mugler fragrances, I’m here to tell you about Mugler’s The Source stations found in Truworths stores, as well as their Eco-Refill Bottles which are available for purchase so you can re-fill at home. In addition, if you’re curious as to why these fragrances are so many women’s old faithful for over a decade, and you’re thinking of purchasing one of them for the first time, keep reading to find out which of the two is best for you! (more…)