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CAPE TOWN, INSTA-BREED / Thursday / May 2nd, 2013

Insta- Breed: Home-bound

 1. Sick on Malick’s trampoline in Cape Town /2. My blue suede shoes from Zara, Cape Town/ 3. Kitty cuddles in Cape Town/ 4. Family braai day/ 5. Girls Night!/ 6. Leonor gives the BEST manicures/ 7. #ThrowBackThursday – I played dress-up and made my aunt pose with me!/ 8. Poor guy, I’m so obsessed with him/ 9. Vogue Portugal – trying to learn the language so I needed some interesting reading material!/ 10. Crazy about this dress from H&M, wish I bought it / 11.”Lipstick on that glass, this might not be your first but it’s better than yo’ last”/ 12. At the wedding. 
CAPE TOWN / Monday / March 4th, 2013

‘A’ is for Always.

Neon shirt from Mr Price, baseball jacket from Primark, Topshop Jeans // Vintage nike crop, Topshop jeans.

Shot by my boyfriend’s best friend, Waafiq, he emailed me these shots he took of Aisha and I “painting with light”, back in Cape Town when I was visiting last month. Perfect timing, because she and I have been missing each other a lot this week (you may have noticed our avid PDA on Twitter and Instagram).

Perfect company, conversation, amazing weather and food, this was probably the best night I had while I was in Cape Town. It ended around 3am with malva pudding on the trampoline in Malick’s back garden.

There really is no place like home.


CAPE TOWN, INSTA-BREED / Thursday / February 7th, 2013

Cape Town Instragram Photo Diary

1. View from the aircraft 2. Aisha and I being in love at the Biscuit Mill 3. 2Bop cap I am dying for 4. Cocktails/cameras/cash at Shimmy Beach Bar 5. Clifton Beach sunset 6. Long Street mission 7. Yasmina and I at Shimmy 8. Time to pack!

I had ten days of jam-packed fun in the Mother City. It all felt so foreign but at the same time it was like I had never left.

I first moved away to work abroad and travel the world because I couldn’t imagine staying in Cape Town any longer, as fantastic as my life was over there, and as wonderful as the city is – I needed a change. I remember in an old blog post I wrote “the only thing more impossible than leaving is staying”. I had too many dreams of foreign lands, cultures, languages and new people. I fantasized about European cobbled roads, Italian pasta, Middle Eastern shisha, elephants and of course new threads in my closet from all over. The restlessness caused this spur of adventure and after six months and nearly twenty countries later, I was ready to return home, at least for a little while.

I can honestly look at our country, the beautiful city of Cape Town and say that what we have is truly something special (I always thought people just said that because they hadn’t travelled much and wanted to make themselves feel better). I reflect now on how I speak about it to foreigners, expressing in lofty, romantic inflections in comparison to everywhere else we have the best weather, the best views, the best food (I can say this with conviction), beaches, mountains a pastiche of the most beautiful mixed people in the tiniest, most diverse melting pot.

However, I’m still a little restless and not quite done yet. But I do have a feeling I will be home for good a lot sooner than we all think :)


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CAPE TOWN / Friday / June 22nd, 2012

Kalk Bay: Photo Diary

The other day Aisha and I decided to take a little drive to Kalk Bay and make the most of the bit of sunshine Winter was so generous to give us (as I’m typing this, it’s storming outside). Other than the occasional cruise with my friend, Anees, I don’t know why I don’t drive that side of the world more often. One always tends to head to the CBD to have a good time, do all the same things and bump into all the same people. We felt like we were overseas. Tiny, steep cobbled roads, white-washed wood, mopeds and quaint little shops warm the heart in a way that’s undeniably cheesy.

First we had some fish and chips at the infamous Kalkies, watching the seals and fisherman at work on the pier, followed by a cuppa in the toasty coffee shop, Olympia. Some may say we were overdressed, others may by now have come to realise that for us this is incredibly normal.
Post on what I wore coming soon :)


Photographs by me and Aisha.
CAPE TOWN, OUTINGS / Monday / May 7th, 2012

Spa Day

Kelso at Edgars bathing costume, Woolworths hotpants, Prada Baroque shades at Sunglass Hut, Woolworths straw bag.

 Last week I celebrated the Workers’ Day public holiday in our country by enjoying a day of pampering at the 12 Apostles Spa with my mom, aunts and cousin. I feel like it’s a little taboo to wear a bikini or cut-out to a spa as it’s more of a lounging affair. I wore hotpants over my ‘onesy’ because well, I thought it looked more fantastic.

After our treatments we lounged by the pool overlooking the ocean and indulged in a delicious lunch, followed by even more pool/jacuzzi/floatation tank hopping. With the incredible facilities and service, I didn’t want to leave!