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EVENTS / Monday / January 29th, 2018

Fashion Breed & Friends Charity Sale, December 2017


Hi babes, happy Monday! I finally found the time to make this post live and it brings such a smile to my face. As you may know, we hosted the second Fashion Breed & Friends Charity Sale in December, with the aim to raise money for water wells in communities in need around the world. Since I receive so many press drops and generally have tons of clothing, I sold a lot of it, and I was also joined by some of my favorite local brands; Minimal Exposure, .Ing, Know Scrubs, Twin Image, Lazuli and The Flower Girl. The guys from SNS mocktails kept everyone hydrated in style, the Mango Tea Room had us munching on our favorite cakes (carrot cake especially of course), Grand Style Hiring kept us comfortable with their lounge setup and The Palms Deco & Lifestyle Center were incredibly kind enough to host the event. (more…)

EVENTS / Tuesday / October 11th, 2016

adidas Boost Bloggers Day & FAQ’s About Making Money as a Blogger

Hi hi lovelies! I was recently invited by my adidas family to come on board with their Performance (fitness) team as a guest speaker at their Boost Bloggers day. They hosted sport/fitness influencers and bloggers from around SA, flew them to Cape Town and hosted a mentorship workshop day where myself and a few other speakers shared our advice for growing all of their platforms, covering everything from starting up your actual blog, creating content, SEO, marketing and more. As always, it was amazing unexpectedly meeting some of my readers there! I didn’t expect that (or to get gifts, thank you for that) considering fitness itself is hardly my area of focus.

I spoke for a full hour on how to monetise your blog, so along with sharing some images, I thought I would also answer some FAQ’s for making money that I discussed on that day, since so many of you ask me to. (more…)

EVENTS, WORDS / Friday / April 15th, 2016

Sunglass Hut Reflections Forum

Image 3

Last week, if you watched my snapchats and most recent vlog, you’ll know I attended Sunglass Hut’s inaugural Reflections Forum. Now I’m not the kind of girl you can talk to for even half an hour without my mind wondering, and yet I found myself feeling sad when the talk was over after almost two hours of sitting and listening. (more…)

EVENTS, Johannesburg / Thursday / January 28th, 2016

#adidasStellaSport in JHB

Adidas Stella Jump-1

If you read my last past, you’ll know I headed to Johannesburg with the adidas SA team where we tested out the new adidas Stella Sport range from Stella McCartney’s  latest collaboration with the brand. 


EVENTS, Johannesburg / Friday / October 30th, 2015

Fashion Breed X Old Khaki Build-Your-Blog Workshop in JHB!

OK_large_banner_Bloggers_workshop 2It’s finally here! I gave you guys a little teaser that I would be coming to JHB in November with Old Khaki to bring you my second blog workshop, and the emails came pouring in!

I’ve been wanting to bring the workshop to JHB since it received so many requests, but I had no idea where to begin planning it. The lovely folks at Old Khaki (a few of whom attended my CPT workshop) approached me this time around to see if we could make it happen in Joburg together. With a brand I love and respect so much, I naturally jumped at this awesome opportunity!


Around the world, blog workshops are no new phenomenon, and with the industry (finally) booming in SA, it’s almost a necessity! Whether you’ve been blogging for years or a month, we could all use a bit of help from our fashion friends.

Since 2010, with inspiration and tips from just about everywhere, I’ve developed my own approach to my overall online presence, but it has become second nature for me; so it’s easy to forget there are talented people out there who may benefit from learning to run their site smoothly behind-the-scenes. I feel so passionate about the blogging industry and creating quality content, and it’s a movement I truly want to see pollinating through YOU if you love it as much as I do.

Serious business aside, it promises to be both a fun and informative session, where you’ll leave with a cohesive notes, enjoy great food and a fun goodie bag! 

Sound like a vibe?

If you would like to attend, you can book your tickets here, and there are various payment options available.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all!