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BEAUTY, HOME / Monday / February 13th, 2017

A Look at my Beauty Desk & Make-Up Storage

beauty desk 1

Today’s post makes me feel extra giddy and girly, because FINALLY I have a beauty desk in my office! Even though I have a pretty big desk and decent-sized dressing table in my bedroom, trust me when I say this was necessary, because my make-up collection was getting out of control and laying all over the house. If you like any of these items I’ve linked them all at the end of this post where you can shop them online. (more…)

HOME / Wednesday / January 4th, 2017

Introducing the Home Category & My Glam Rail


Malick and I are going through a serious phase of making our house more homely and more us. I think I started it, and infected him too. Blame it on the new year, getting older and the reality of the Malay muslim tradition of a “Bruidskamer” (bride’s room or new home). (more…)