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I'M WEARING, INSTA-BREED, TOKYO / Monday / March 25th, 2013

Tokyo Quickie

Prada sunnies, skirt, blouse and neckpiece all from Mr Price, shaggy black chubby from United colours of Benetton, Primark leather gloves, Nike Blazer high tops, vintage leather bag from Hong Kong.

Excuse the bad photo quality but I am the silly girl who goes to Tokyo for thirty hours just to shoot street style and gets there with dead camera batteries and no conversion adaptor for my charger. ANYWAY. Thanks to le iPhone 5 and Instagram, this is what I wore when visiting Shibuya and the Harajuku fashion district. I’ll be sharing the rest of my snaps from there soon but if you’re super impatient you can check them out here. 
I actually can’t show you anymore photographs of me there because I tried to be so Japanese that I flashed the “peace” sign pretty much in every image. You would get annoyed. Will be sharing the Instagram photo diary soon though, I’m so excited to show you what I saw!

Sorry I’ve been so absent, since Tokyo I’ve been in Manila, Guangzhou and Shanghai for work and recently treated myself to a little weekend in Istanbul and lots of sleep in between. I can’t keep rocking the “jet lag swag” look, all the flying is taking it’s toll on my body and I have to put myself first for now, March has been (and is going to continue to be) a pretty crazy month. However I’ve got about twenty days leave in April, ridiculously excited to have a break and see beautiful Cape Town again!

Happy Monday everyone :)


I'M WEARING, Uncategorized / Thursday / May 31st, 2012

Right Here, Right Now

Thrifted denim shirt, Adidas Originals track top, Sissy Boy silver/metallic jeans, Adidas Originals sequinned high tops.

Wore this when I had quite a few errands to run the other day. No meetings or castings and I’ve been working out a lot this week, so feeling rather sports luxe. Donned a red lip to detract from the average hair day I was having.

Picked up these silver jeans from the wonderful Sissy Boy folk recently. Wearing them literally puts me in a good mood because they’re borderline ridiculous, but not, which is always fantastic. Super comfy + amazing fit + statement colour = winning.

I'M WEARING, Uncategorized / Tuesday / May 22nd, 2012

If I Were A Boy…

Aisha took these pictures of me between takes when we were being the clowns on set of a project we were both involved in on Friday.

 We were asked to participate in an androgyny shoot curated by Cindy Poole of The Summit and shot by Canadian photographer Jalani Morgan. It also featured Chloe Holloway, Lindiwe Suttle and a few other models. We were shot as both men and women. As you can probably see I had way more fun being a man, channelling my inner Chuck Bass and all.

Behind-the-scenes pics coming soon.


CAPE TOWN, I'M WEARING, Uncategorized / Wednesday / May 2nd, 2012


Woolworths purple coat, scarf from a Saudi market, Primark basic black vest, Mr Price skirt, leather sling (a gift from Hong Kong), Primark grey tights, thigh-high boots from eBay UK.

Wore this when I went to see my aunt off at the airport today. Mom took this pic, hence the slight blur!
The airport gives me a really nostalgic feeling and reminds me of how much I am obsessed with adventure and change. Aisha said to me the other day, “I swear your life moves in light years” because deep down I enjoy dramatic change, even when it appears my world as I know it is falling apart. I then get a kick out of the growing pains and confusion that follows – be it in my career, relationships, personality traits or lifestyle. It’s always worth it in the end, so I suppose I just embrace the process.

I’m in a really good space in my life right now, but the travel bug has bitten me hard and I’ve been restless since I returned to SA from my Euro shindig. The airport just reminds me of that. Right now, the only thing that seems more impossible than packing up and moving overseas is staying here.

Just another rambling thought from the mind of a balance-seeking Libra.

I'M WEARING, LONDON / Wednesday / March 28th, 2012

I found these.

Crop top, lace body suit, jeans and combat boots all Primark, aunt’s red scarf, Harrington’s poorboy hat.

I found these pictures in my London stash while reminiscing/procrastinating the other day. One day while missioning Johann took these when he was testing the light. Fantastic for me, made for an unintentional lookpost, just in time for our looming winter.