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EVENTS, Johannesburg / Friday / October 30th, 2015

Fashion Breed X Old Khaki Build-Your-Blog Workshop in JHB!

OK_large_banner_Bloggers_workshop 2It’s finally here! I gave you guys a little teaser that I would be coming to JHB in November with Old Khaki to bring you my second blog workshop, and the emails came pouring in!

I’ve been wanting to bring the workshop to JHB since it received so many requests, but I had no idea where to begin planning it. The lovely folks at Old Khaki (a few of whom attended my CPT workshop) approached me this time around to see if we could make it happen in Joburg together. With a brand I love and respect so much, I naturally jumped at this awesome opportunity!


Around the world, blog workshops are no new phenomenon, and with the industry (finally) booming in SA, it’s almost a necessity! Whether you’ve been blogging for years or a month, we could all use a bit of help from our fashion friends.

Since 2010, with inspiration and tips from just about everywhere, I’ve developed my own approach to my overall online presence, but it has become second nature for me; so it’s easy to forget there are talented people out there who may benefit from learning to run their site smoothly behind-the-scenes. I feel so passionate about the blogging industry and creating quality content, and it’s a movement I truly want to see pollinating through YOU if you love it as much as I do.

Serious business aside, it promises to be both a fun and informative session, where you’ll leave with a cohesive notes, enjoy great food and a fun goodie bag! 

Sound like a vibe?

If you would like to attend, you can book your tickets here, and there are various payment options available.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all!


Johannesburg, outfits / Friday / March 13th, 2015

MBFWJ With Sunglass Hut Day 3


I wore this on Saturday to the last day of Fashion Week’s shows. As most of you know by now, when I have no idea what to wear, my mom makes me another dirndl skirt! This time though, we took things up a notch with a sequinned brocade fabric she bought in Medina six years ago.

Johannesburg, outfits / Thursday / March 12th, 2015

MBFWJ with Sunglass Hut Day 2


I love the idea of my Fashion Week outfits building up in their drama, so compared to my previous (very minimalistic) look, needless to say, sequins and some plumage promised to up the ante :) I was also both happy and surprised to find this look was named best dressed by The Times in Johannesburg – yay! (more…)

Johannesburg, outfits / Monday / November 25th, 2013

White Noise


I have been itching to wear something all-white for a while! Sunglass Hut’s Come & Play party held in a super warm Johannesburg recently was the perfect opportunity, and I pestered my mom about two days before leaving to make me this dress.