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LONDON, outfits / Thursday / August 1st, 2013



Jimmy Choo shades, H&M shirt, necklace from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, Topshop overall dress, Topshop leggings, Topshop socks, River Island boots, vintage bag.

Zorah took these pictures for me when we were both in a sleepy haze waiting for Massimo Dutti to open. I’d bought almost everything I’m wearing the night before when I went shopping with Colin at the Ramedaan sales in Doha.

I was meant to have returned to Cape Town yesterday for good, however a delay in some documents essential for my clearance resulted in me having to wait a few extra days. My back feels broken as I sent of over 100kgs of my cargo in the meantime, and Malick has been repatriated back to Cape Town already so I had to be my own man-muscle when schlepping all of those boxes! I may be quite quiet in the next week or two, as it’s most likely going to be a really crazy and busy time for me settling in and spending time with my family again.

Naturally the blog content will change as I wont be travelling again for a while. It will still document my journey in this industry of course, but otherwise what would you guys like to see more of? Let me know by leaving a comment or a tweet. I’m really terrible at replying but I always love hearing from you guys!


LONDON, TRAVEL / Wednesday / July 24th, 2013



Actually there was nothing remotely British about this reunion with Zorah if we are talking about being civilised, I just liked the sound of the title because we happened to be in Britain. We sat on the pavement ten meters from Tony Blair’s house, ugly-laughing, and the night before that we “slept” without removing our make up (Aisha and Yasmina are cringing right now). (more…)

DOHA, INSTA-BREED, LONDON / Wednesday / March 6th, 2013

Insta-Breed: London – Doha – Singapore

1. Underground/ 2. Beautiful Knightsbridge/ 3. My bedroom in London at my aunt’s house/ 4. At the Katara Colloseo Amphitheatre with Mom and Dad when they visited me in Doha/ 5. Peppermint tea, chocolate fondant and pistachio ice cream at Armani Caffe/ 6. Wearing Malick’s Christmas jersey/ 7. Yachts at the Pearl/ 8. His and hers Massimo Dutti boots/ 9. Vintage gold Casio – an amazing gift to wake up to/ 10. What we wore on our date night in Singapore/ 11. Fringed flapper dress bought in Singapore/ 12. View of Clark Quay from dinner.

Small recap of some of my adventures this past month. I’ve been working like crazy and it’s only going to get worse (ie: better?) in the next few weeks. I’ve bought myself tons of presents and I haven’t even had the time to play with them and they are so fantastic!

Right now though, I really need to sleep. And I never  really need to sleep, eat or have feelings generally but today I’m feeling kinda mortal.

Happy mid-week my lovelies, I hope you are winning.


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LONDON, outfits / Friday / March 1st, 2013

Knightsbridge, London

Baseball tee, jacket and duffel bag all stolen from the boyfriend, H&M leather skirt, Zara fringe boots, H&M beanie, handmade wallet from Chatuchak Market (Bangkok), vintage gold Casio watch, le iPhone 5, perspex necklace from Naris Shop in Chatuchak Market

If you’ve been following me for long, you know how much I love London. I’ve been about six times before but hadn’t visited Knightsbridge in a while. When I’m there for a few days I stay at my aunt’s place and give her all of my time and attention because she is, after all, my second mom. We were so happy to see each other we took turns spoiling one another; I bought her a red velvet cake in Harrods, she bought me the most fantastic creature-knit black chubby from Benetton. I took her for dinner to our favourite burger joint in Camden Town, she cooked me divine soup and curry, perfect for the icy weather! And then it ended in a pajama-clad cuddle with tea.

I made her snap this pic of me outside Harrod’s (sans make-up!). She did a really good job taking my pictures when we visited Rome together last year so she was only super ecstatic to play with my camera again.

Otherwise, I got back from Tokyo yesterday and while it was extremely tiring and I went with two dead camera batteries (epic fail), thank goodness for the iPhone, because I still have some pretty cool things to share with you.

Hope everyone has a blessed and safe weekend, Happy 1st of March!


DUBAI, INSTA-BREED, LONDON / Sunday / January 13th, 2013


 Trolling the malls with Aisha at the Dubai Shopping Festival / Sequinned cardigan I have been dying over at Zara for a while, it’s finally mine!
   Shisha and Lemon Mints with Aisha / The Dubai Metro
 Arabian Princesses for our dinner in the desert / Dessert in the desert with an edible bowl!
New Zara leather fringe booties / my furry hat kept me so warm in London
Always on a plane… Unnecessarily excited to be flying on a Boeing 787 / Matchy-Matchy Zara denim shirts in Abu Dhabi
Starbucks in a freezing Frankfurt / Swimming in the rain in Tanzania

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