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MADRID, outfits / Monday / May 27th, 2013

Isabel and Two Chainzzz Take Madrid

IMG_0527 IMG_0553 IMG_0551   Necklace from a market in China, Primark chain-print blouse, primark knit, Zara leatherette pants, Country Road bag, Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. As one does when in Europe, I knew I was going to be walking pretty much everywhere and decided to test out the true comfort of my new Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. I know they’re overdone and pretty much everyone has them or a similar replica, but I’ve been dreaming about them, literally dreaming at night, for far too long to let the idea go. I love the fat tongues and how they’re the perfect combination between ghetto and girly. I’m very fussy over the shape of wedge sneakers and other than these I never really found a pair that I really obsessed over. And now that I have them I’m like a mother lion with her cubs, and even contemplated packing them in my hand luggage in case my suitcase got lost or something (it happens). The verdict? It was like walking on marshmallows, and by the end of the day my thighs were aching a bit, so I’m assuming I got a workout at the same time! I don’t care how many kilograms/space I’m allowed when I get back to Cape Town for good – the box is coming with me! xx  
MADRID, TRAVEL / Wednesday / May 22nd, 2013

Madrid Photo Diary


I was assigned to go to Madrid and accepted it in a very okay-might-as-well type of way. I was more excited to go back to Europe because it had been months and I’m a little tired of all things Asia, Arabic and the island life (it happens). Without an itinerary or being particularly enthralled at the idea, I headed out with Sofia, city and subway map in hand, to go and see some of the usuals in Europe; each city generally has a plaza or square, a fountain and a palace of some sort that you “simply must see” . (more…)


Maldives, Dubai, Madrid – What A Week!

I am so tired. SO TIRED! I’ve had the most incredible week, seeing the most beautiful things and exhausting myself in great YOLO fashion. I want to tell you more, really I do. But my bed is calling my name, my eyelids are cursing me and I’m pretty sure my insta’s speak for themselves. Time is flying (literally), and looking back at the week I have just had, the nerves are beginning to kick in as I have just over two months left till I move back to Cape Town. So much to send home, so much to leave behind, so much to see, so much to look forward to. The only thing more impossible than leaving this life behind would be staying in it much longer. My definition of “normal” is quite ridiculous. xx