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INSTA-BREED / Thursday / January 2nd, 2014

2013 in Pictures

insta year And what a year it was. Looking at these pictures I feel so grateful for the many amazing things I was part of. At the end of every year I always tell myself, “That was honestly the best year of my life, I don’t think I can possibly top that”, and yet the following year is always, without fail, even better. With travel as my drug and all kinds of love as my ultimate life-fuel, I was blessed with both abundantly. And though I have so much to look forward to in 2014, again I’m convinced, this was the best year of my life, and I can’t imagine being able to top it. Nonetheless, here’s to you, to me, to a successful 2014. May it be blessed for all of us and may we emerge at the end with  us having lived at our best… so far! xx
INSTA-BREED / Thursday / October 24th, 2013

Insta-Breed: Gratitude


1. Minimalism in the #Tgether office/ 2. Princess Leyaa in her signature pose. She refused to wear anything on #Eid except for the dress I bought her/ 3. #Rihanna does hijab in Abu Dhabi. Mind = blown./ 4. First two pairs of sunnies I got this week at Sunglass Hut #D&G/ 5. Anisa Mpungwe for Mr Price delivery. This skirt is SO adorable/ 6. Tangible signs that Zorah no longer lives in SA – no one is stealing the coins off my desk/ 7. Birthday spoilage/ 8. Birthday breakfast with Aish/ 9. Happy birthday to my beautiful Leonor / 10. New Miu’s/ 11. Candice Swanepoel’s campaign is now up in Woolworths/ 12. MAC is now available online!

I’ve had the most amazing week, partially because I’m blessed, partially because I chose to. After the previous one having been busy with so many things going wrong and having my usual pre-birthday depression, it made me extra grateful for the already-fantastic one I have just had. I feel like being in a good or bad space has a snowball effect and our attitude and energy towards the things that happen to us determine our happiness in what will happen next. How has your week been? xx      
INSTA-BREED / Monday / October 7th, 2013

Insta-Breed: Occupied


1. Feeding ducks in the park on a wintery day/ 2. Guest-styling for Spree/ 3. Taking mom for birthday sushi/ 4. Guest-styling for Edgars Man Magazine/ 5. On my way to Jumuah (Friday Mosque)/ 6. New shoes!/ 7. Zara everything #ootd/ 8. Latte lovin’ at Truth/ 9. On The Freakin’ Weekend Show on Goodhope FM with EBI and TK/ 10. Styling contest with Woolworths and Top Billing/ 11. “Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack”… this baby just turned 8!/ 12. It’s a joke, don’t hate me./ 13. Besties making a pact #NoNewFriends/ 14. Another great turban fluke/ 15. Favourite fragrance these days.


INSTA-BREED / Wednesday / August 28th, 2013

Insta-breed: Repatriated

Collages-001 1. Last one of Leonor’s manicures before I move back to SA/ 2. Floating umbrellas in Doha’s Souq Waqif/ 3. One-way ticket home!/ 4. Red velvets on Eid/ 5. Eid Mubarak from Her Royal Highness, Leyaa/ 6. Highway jammin’ with my bestie at Fashion Week/ 7. Fat kitties and shoes forever/ 8. Sidewalk Cafe selfie/ 9. Back on my mountain #CapeTown/ 10. Heels I wore to my brother’s 21st back in 2007!/ 11. #ThrowbackThursday – my cousins and I on Eid/ 12. Roses from Malick and #KittyMeowForMrPrice peeking through/ 13. Sissy Boy’s Denim Alchemy event, I was pretty starstruck seeing Mr Ronald Sassoon himself, I’m a huge fan!/ 14. Outside the Denim Alchemy event with Aish/ 15. #OOTD #WIW/ 16. The girls surprised me with a tea reunion/ 17. #ThrowbackThursday Versace Jeans advert/ 18. Sunday drive with the fiancé, and Cape Town was showing off!

INSTA-BREED / Tuesday / July 2nd, 2013


insta lately  

1. Summer’s night tuk-tuk ride in NYC/ 2. Leonor and I just hanging on a billboard in Times Square/ 3. The Parthenon in Athens!/ 4. Leonor and I soaking up the July sun in Doha/ 5. European architecture in Stockholm’s Old City/ 6. Massimo Dutti booties on the Stockholm cobble/ 7. I love hotel-hopping. Stockholm’s Sheraton is a new favourite/ 8. Crazy about all the little alley ways in Stockholm’s Old City/ 9. A little Drake quote-image I made which I found pretty appropriate/ 10. A little motivation for my bestie/ 11. Throwback Thursday – my fabulous grandmother/ 12. “Tres Gangstah”/ 13. Topshop shoe splurges/ 14. Mandatory phone booth tourist shot in London/ 15. River Island booties on the London Underground/ 16. Covent Garden luncheons with my favourite Aunt/ 17. Leaving Zoey in London, having a teary goodbye/ 18. Movie night with Malick and Leonor (ps: don’t watch Man of Steel).

July is finally here. Sweet July. Sad July. Dreaded July. Fruitful July. Hot July. Cold July. Ramedaan July. Expat-anniversary July. Last-of-everything July. Goodbye-filled July. Today I handed in my resignation. My last working day is at the end of this month, and I will be back home in Cape Town in August. I can’t believe the whirlwind year I’ve had, seeing the world, tricking out my shoe game and wardrobe, experiencing different cultures and falling in love literally the first day I got to Doha. But it’s time to come home and be a real adult, one who actually pays taxes and rent, doesn’t impulsively fly to Istanbul because she’s in a bad mood, and doesn’t say YOLO whenever she wants to do or buy something. I can’t delay it forever, and looking back at my last year I realise how ridiculous my life has been, what my version of “normal” is. When people have asked how I am not tired all the time, how I lose weight without doing anything and if I miss my loved ones my standard answer is “I am not human, I don’t eat or sleep or have any feelings” (I’m kidding obviously, still having not found an answer to any of those questions). I realised I haven’t done a little Instagram post in ages. And a post in general because I was in China and in London and when you’re in shopping capitals and it’s pay day you kind of look at your laptop and think “Ain’t nobody gots time for that”. Coming soon though; Stockholm, Venice and London. Promise. xx