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outfits / Thursday / May 18th, 2017

My Fool-Proof Winter Look Part 1



This outfit is one of two looks I’ll be posting, showing you winter outfits that are so simple and always look cool, as well as where to shop similar items (both the cheaper and more expensive versions) online so you can pull it off too! You can find those links if you scroll further down in this postΒ :) (more…)

outfits / Wednesday / April 26th, 2017

Instagram outfit wrap up


Dress – Street Lines Clothing, jeans – Country Road, shoes – Carvela at Spitz

It’s been a while since I did a little outfit wrap-up on Instagram! I’ve become way better at replying to comments (if I do say so myself), but sometimes I do miss out on some of your stockist queries, so I’ve listed where everything is from from each outfit! (more…)

outfits / Friday / April 21st, 2017

All Black Everything


Happy Friday, everyone! I was loving the long weekends when they were here but man, they messed up my work flow. Big time! That, and my sleeping patterns. Seriously, I always had sleeping issues, then I fixed them and for months I was the Goddess of Slumber and early mornings, but these days it’s the complete opposite. I’m trying (and failing) horribly to fix it. Anyways, I’m off to take myself on a solo breakfast date this morning. I love those and haven’t done it in forever! I really hope I don’t see someone I know who comes to sit with me/invite me over because they feel sorry for me for being alone when actually I just want to hang out with myself, some eggs ben and a book!Β  (more…)

outfits / Monday / April 10th, 2017



Happy Monday babes! Here we have my Fashion Week outfit and let me just say, I did NOT plan to be this extra. Quite the opposite, I was planning on keeping things pretty simple! I went to Cavendish Square and found some great wide length trousers, and I went into YDE looking for a minimal, fitted bell-sleeve top to complete the look. I was just in the mood to blend in, you know? I found the top, but then right next it this phenomenal dress hung on Khosi Nkosi’s rail and that minimal outfit idea instantly went right out of the window. (more…)

outfits / Wednesday / March 29th, 2017


IMG_8371 copy

As soon as I feel the slightest chill in the air, I find an excuse to whip out my thigh high boots unapologetically! I bought this pair at Witchery in 2015 and they’ve treated me so well. I’m so happy I bought a suede/leather pair, because even though they’re super trendy right now, trend or not, I’m definitely going to be wearing these for yearsΒ to come because I’ve loved this style since the Hiltons were cool. (more…)