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outfits / Friday / December 22nd, 2017

A Guide To Dressing Like a Minimalist


As someone who is somewhat known to be more “extra” with my style, it came as a surprise to me even how I began pandering to a more minimalistic look over the last year or so. I think the reason for my new partial preference came from the fact that I finally understood the art behind it. This whole aesthetic is often associated with being plain, boring, or too clinical, but I’ve fast discovered this to be completely untrue. I also love that it can make you look wonderfully expensive, even with budget-friendly, simple basics. (more…)

outfits / Monday / December 11th, 2017

Instagram Outfit Wrap Up

IMG_2249 copy

Top from G-Star RAW, custom-made trousers, heels and hat from Country Road, Marc Jacobs watch, Lovisa earrings

Happy Monday, babes! When last have I done an IG outfit wrap up?! Today’s post shares a few of my favorite recent looks and where each item is from. Which is your favorite?

In other news I’m feeling like I’m going through bloggers block! What do you want to see more of on the blog? Do you prefer IG? Youtube? 

xx (more…)

outfits / Tuesday / November 14th, 2017

#NewerForLonger : I Wore The Same Dress To 3 Events in One Week!


As I’ve grown older and found my personal style, when I make fashion purchases, instead of pandering to the latest trends I try and keep Vivienne Westwood’s famous saying in mind; “Buy less, choose well”. It’s better for my wallet and challenges my creativity (in a good way), and with proper care of those garments, it’s better for the environment too. Did you know that 25% of the carbon footprint of clothing comes from the way we care for them? By using the right detergent, one that cares for your clothes, you’ll keep it looking newer for longer. (more…)

outfits, WORDS / Monday / October 23rd, 2017

Becoming The Woman I Wanted to be


At the beginning of this year, I was browsing online and stumbled across Diane von Furstenberg’s book, The Woman I Wanted to Be. Until now, I still haven’t read it, but the title alone had me asking myself, “what kind of woman do I want to be?”, so, I wrote some things down. The woman I want to be is kind, uplifting, creative, innovative, strong, compassionate, patient, unbothered by opinions. She has nothing to prove, no time to waste on things like gossip, she takes care of herself, values her health and gets along with everyone.

I then asked myself, “how do I become her?” (more…)

outfits / Friday / October 13th, 2017

Three MORE Sandals You Need This Summer


Now that we’re nicely settled into Spring, the warmer weather calls for a change of wardrobe and our footwear is no exception. I’ve partnered with Spitz once again to share three more sandal styles you need this season to complete your perfect summer shoe collection. (more…)