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ROME / Sunday / January 22nd, 2012

As it was and as it will be.

Rome. I still can’t get this place out of my head. I want to live in its  architecture, eat its food every day, have its language roll effortlessly off my tongue, wear its intricately tailored garments, travel its little back-roads by chariot and marry a few of it’s ridiculously handsome and charming sons.

I know this is weird, but I’ve always pictured Italy in grayscale. Blame it on my love for the rawness of Italian neo-realism film, romance and a tendency to process photographs through Adobe Lightroom more than I probably should. Thus, with my camera lens and imagination, I’ve chosen to remember Italy the same way I always dreamed it to be. Except this time, it was real :)


ROME / Friday / January 20th, 2012

When in Rome…

Primark dress, Rokit Vintage faux fur coat, River Island ankle riding boots.
Primark blouse, American Apparel riding pants, River Island boots, Country Road leather sling bag

This is what I wore on two of the days exploring Rome. I most definitely am not the type to go to another country and dress like a tourist. Nay. Never. Not I. Forgive the cliche, but I did think “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”, and made sure nothing I wore remotely resembled cargo pants, running shoes and a moonbag. And thank goodness for my zoom lens and the grandeur of all Italian sites because I most definitely did not need binoculars. On some days I did wear my lovely new American Apparel denim backpack though, I bought it because it made me feel somewhat touristy (I’m sure it’ll make an appearance at some point). Because I am the type to go to a country and insist on being a local, I didn’t want to wear it too often and seem like a rookie… I am dramatic like this and if you’re going to read my blog it is essential you get to know this side of me! So yes, I did have a passionate Italian accent, often topped of with delicious brovado. My aunt and I spoke our own version of Italian, ie: Afrikaans with an Italian accent and ending the last word in every sentence with an “iiiii” sound. Throw in some dramatic body language and swooping inflections, and I swear, you are Italian. Please try it.

“Dal centro della mia vita venne una grande fontana…”
From the center of my life there came a great fountain... that’s one thing I can be sure of!


ROME, STREET STYLE / Sunday / January 15th, 2012

Bella Roma

On Christmas Eve I embarked on my lone trip to London and Rome to visit friends, family and spend some much-needed time by myself. I fell in love with both of these cities, but I truly left my heart in Roma. The fashion, language, art, architecture, heritage, beautiful people, food and the overall enigmatic energy of the place pandered to my heart’s obsession with adventure and discovery. I only spent three days there, but those days were by far the most incredible out of the entire trip, and I really hope to go back some day. I owe my generous aunt the world for spoiling me by taking me to this very special city! 

These are just a few of my favourite pictures that were taken on the streets in Roma during my short stay :)