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STREET STYLE / Wednesday / November 4th, 2015

FB Exclusive: Seoul & Tokyo Fashion Week

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The only thing more fun than people-watching is fashion-people-watching. These days it’s hard to exclude the “show” that happens outside the show, no matter which Fashion Week you’re looking at anywhere in the world!

You may remember the first post I did sharing the work of photographer and DJ, Lindsay Ryklief, a few months ago (read it here), (more…)

STREET STYLE / Wednesday / March 25th, 2015

FB Exclusive: Seoul Fashion Week Street Style


This past Friday saw Seoul Fashion Week kicking off in South Korea. I’ve shared my love for street style a couple of times before (here and here) and really missed its presence on this site. After connecting with Lindsay Ryklief on Instagram, I was super excited when the Cape-Townian, Seoul-based photographer agreed to shoot street style exclusively for Fashion Breed during SFW.  You can follow him here and here. (more…)

STREET STYLE / Friday / January 3rd, 2014

Style Spotting: Naya Rivera

girly copy With her fiery temper and flawless toned body, Naya Rivera holds our attention in every scene in her role as Santana Lopes in Glee. Off-screen she is a paparazzi darling and super cheeky on the red carpet. Girly and a self-professed tomboy, she’s also smart in how she knows she has one of the best bodies in the business and she flaunts it; but not to a point where we can’t call her a lady. It’s not often that women understand proportion and know how to be sexy in a way that suits them best, without trying too hard. Personally I wouldn’t dress like her, but I’m inspired by how well she (or her stylist) hits the nail on its very dainty head. She looks every bit the siren/young hollywood starlet/rapper’s fiancé that she is, looking more fun and flirty than tacky – and there’s a fine line between the two. Never too much nor too little – Naya knows. xx black long dresses copypencil skirts copy effortless cool  
STREET STYLE, TOKYO, TRAVEL / Sunday / June 2nd, 2013

Harajuku Street Style

IMG_0617 IMG_0623 IMG_0621 IMG_0625 IMG_0631IMG_0628 IMG_0606 IMG_0594 IMG_0611 IMG_0616   The last time I went to Tokyo was a bit of a fail as I went with two dead camera batteries, sans charger. This time around, I came prepared, excited to people-watch/snap, and speak my version of Japanese, so I took to the infamous Takeshita Street and Harajuku Street in the Harajuku District. Previously when I had snapped street style shots like in Milan and Copenhagen, I still had energy for the documentary approach, and I felt shy/guilty/awkward asking people if I could take their picture. Those times, it was a little too difficult getting good shots because some of the most well-dressed would slip out of my frame and be gone forever. This time around I decided it was better to lose the shame than lose the shot, and found most of them really liked having their picture taken. My favourite thing about the fashion in this area is how these kids celebrate their style and wear all their favourite things at once. The bolder, the better, and I love that the more conservative Japanese are so desensitised to it. You could literally wear anything, and still be considered pretty normal. The high street is a lot more slick, conservative, chic and polished, and even though it is just a few roads away from Harajuku it’s like a completely different world. Didn’t even bother shooting anything there because it’s hard to be interested still after you have been to Harajuku. I’m sad I just missed cherry blossom season, but I saw more than enough to keep my eyes pretty occupied! xx
INSTA-BREED, STREET STYLE, TOKYO / Thursday / March 28th, 2013

Insta-Breed: Tokyo

1. Navigating over a mocha/ 2. Shibuya street style/ 3. Hello Kitty necklace from Naris Shop (Bangkok), had them make it for me just for Tokyo, then forgot to wear it!/ 4. Can’t deal with how effortlessly cool these two were/ 5. The magical Harajuku Street I found by accident/ 6. The bustle of Shibuya, their version of Times Square/ 7. Nike Store and some bicycles in Harajuku Street/ 8. Blue hair, don’t care/ 9. Biggest Forever 21 I have ever seen anywhere/ 10. Loved her/ 11. Obsessed with this building, the Asakusa Tourism Centre/ 12. Girls shopping in Harajuku Street/ 13. Asakusa Temple/ 14. Somewhere near Tokyo Tower, Spring began to show her face – it was almost time for cherry blossom season.