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outfits, TRAVEL / Wednesday / August 9th, 2017

One Night in Paris


Hello from sunny Lisbon, and happy Women’s Day to everyone in South Africa! We just arrived in Portugal after 5 days in Paris which I’m both sad and happy are over, but I will fill you in on all of that soon enough.


TRAVEL / Wednesday / November 23rd, 2016

Sunglass Hut Road Trip Photo Diary!


Looking at these photographs make me sooo happy! If you read yesterday’s blog post you’ll know a little bit more about the road trip Malick and I went on with Sunglass Hut over the last few days. It really was a trip unlike any other. We had so much fun and even a few mini meltdowns along the way, because hey, it was a LONG drive. (more…)

outfits, TRAVEL / Tuesday / February 9th, 2016

JerΓ³nimos Monastery


In the social media world, it’s #TravelTuesday, and on that note I realised I never shared this look from Lisbon. I think by this stage Leonor was pretty over taking pictures of me haha! She knew she didn’t have much choice though, after all my blog is how I landed up in Lisbon visiting her in the first place :) (more…)

TRAVEL / Monday / January 11th, 2016

Lisbon Travel Diary


After years of talking about it, I finally got to visit Leonor in her hometown, Lisbon, in Portugal. I can’t emphasise enough what a beautiful European gem this is. (more…)

outfits, TRAVEL / Wednesday / December 9th, 2015

Palacio da Queluz


On my second last day in Portugal, Leonor took me to visit the palaces of Sintra, namely Palacio da Queluz (pictured in this post) and Palacio de Pena (you’ll see it in my upcoming Lisbon photo diary). Palacio da Queluz is pretty much the Versailles of Lisbon (more…)