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TRAVEL / Monday / August 28th, 2017

Paris Photo Diary & Vlog


Paris went by in a fun, way-too-fast blur. There was so much to see and do, we felt like we did a lot and we felt like we did nothing at the same time. Initially the fomo for the things I didn’t get to see/do annoyed me, but I figured you know what? It’s fine. Paris is mostly known for its history so I’m pretty sure everything will still be here if/when I return, even if that’s in another 30 years time only! (more…)

outfits, TRAVEL / Wednesday / August 9th, 2017

One Night in Paris


Hello from sunny Lisbon, and happy Women’s Day to everyone in South Africa! We just arrived in Portugal after 5 days in Paris which I’m both sad and happy are over, but I will fill you in on all of that soon enough.


TRAVEL / Wednesday / November 23rd, 2016

Sunglass Hut Road Trip Photo Diary!


Looking at these photographs make me sooo happy! If you read yesterday’s blog post you’ll know a little bit more about the road trip Malick and I went on with Sunglass Hut over the last few days. It really was a trip unlike any other. We had so much fun and even a few mini meltdowns along the way, because hey, it was a LONG drive. (more…)

outfits, TRAVEL / Tuesday / February 9th, 2016

Jerónimos Monastery


In the social media world, it’s #TravelTuesday, and on that note I realised I never shared this look from Lisbon. I think by this stage Leonor was pretty over taking pictures of me haha! She knew she didn’t have much choice though, after all my blog is how I landed up in Lisbon visiting her in the first place :) (more…)

TRAVEL / Monday / January 11th, 2016

Lisbon Travel Diary


After years of talking about it, I finally got to visit Leonor in her hometown, Lisbon, in Portugal. I can’t emphasise enough what a beautiful European gem this is. (more…)