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outfits, VENICE / Monday / July 22nd, 2013

St. Mark’s Square

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Prada sunnies, Mr Price crop topped tee, River Island trousers, Mr Price sandals, vintage leather bag, Khan Market Necklace (Delhi), Primark belt.

These pictures were taken at St Mark’s Square in Venice, wearing my old faithful Baroque shades that you’re probably so sick of seeing me in already. Even I’m sick of seeing me in them already, but few things truly compare to these babies. The last time anything made my head feel this wonderful, I had shaven half my hair off. Also whenever I’m in Italy I wear really dark lipstick for a bit of day time drama to top off my Be Italian goal.

I’m hoping when I get home Mr Price will make more of these breezy crops and wonderful leather sandals, they’re so perfect for summer, so comfortable, so awesomely affordable yet also unrivalled. Anyone who has these and agrees, let’s start a petition? I literally want these sandals in every colour.¬†Aisha picked out these trousers for me when we were raiding the Dubai Shopping Festival in January, so they have a bit of sentimental value as I always think of her and miss her when I wear them.

I’m so excited to move back to South Africa and I know I’ve said it a million times over Twitter and the site itself. But I truly feel like I’m going on the most exciting adventure to a most beautiful place, and I feel so lucky to know that I call this place home.

Ten more days!


TRAVEL, VENICE / Thursday / July 18th, 2013

Gondola Views

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I had been applying to go to Venice for nearly a year, and it seems tenth time’s the charm as I finally got to see and experience this gem of a city. These pictures were all shot from my ¬†very stationary viewpoint as a passenger on a gondola meandering through the aquatic “streets” of Venice. Core clenched throughout, we were instructed not to move around as we would interfere with the balance of this infamous boat.

The first time I went to Italy I was convinced it was heaven; regal architecture and views enveloping you, perfect weather regardless of the season, food that tastes like love, a mecca of genuine leather, beautiful and classy people, and a romantic energy that somehow managed to manifest in every part of it, seeping into the hearts of all of its occupants. After seeing Rome and Milan, I couldn’t sleep the night before heading to Venice as I dreamed of being “dik ingesmeer” (as my friend, Colin, would say) in the hub of this famously enigmatic city.

And how could one possibly go to Venice and not ride a gondola? After much haggling, Mili and I managed to get Fabio (yes, that really was his name) to agree to a forty minute sail through the city for the “low and final” price of 35 Euros each.

I got a little snap happy, taking pictures of everything and anything during our ride, trying hard to ignore the overbearing romance that made me miss Malick, especially because I was in his favourite city.

The verdict? Venezia is an absolute must-see. But when is anything to do with Italy ever not?