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video / Tuesday / January 16th, 2018

WATCH: Vlog – Shooting Ascia X Riva, Meet & Greet and My No# 1 Marriage Tip!

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I bring to you what is one of my favorite vlogs ever! We had so much fun during this week and it was without a doubt one I will never forget. Come with me behind the scenes of four shoots during my last work week, including #ModestbyAscia for Riva Middle East, a secret beauty editorial and All Things Hair. Also scenes from our meet & greet, a whole lot of eating and more. (more…)

video / Wednesday / January 10th, 2018


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So you probably remember from my social media platforms that Ascia came to Cape Town for a week and we shot a bunch of cool things together, one of which was this fun video for my channel! It’s one of my most favorite videos ever, and it watching it makes me so happy since it really captures how much we are always laughing and acting a fool together.  (more…)

video / Tuesday / December 19th, 2017

10 Modest Dressing Closet Essentials


It’s been a while since I last filmed a modest dressing video for you guys. Mentally I was going back and forth with what I should make this one about so I thought I would take it back to basics. If you’re building your modest wardrobe and don’t know where to start, or looking for items with versatility, this video is for you! (more…)

video / Tuesday / December 5th, 2017


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Happy Tuesday, babes! I realized I never posted this YouTube video on my blog – whoops! So those of you who aren’t subscribed to my channel possibly missed it. Dubai was, as it always is, the best. I’m seriously so happy with the fact that almost any trip can include a stopover there and there’s so much to do, the food is all halal, days start late and end late and I always get to catch up with friends. It’s the easiest city to return to and one I never regret visiting repeatedly. I already can’t wait to go back again in future!

Check out what we got up to in the video after the jump!

xx (more…)

TRAVEL, video / Friday / September 22nd, 2017

Portugal Vlog

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It took a while, but our Portugal vlog is here! I’m not going to lie, we were kind of the worst at documenting this leg of our trip. As in we barely even have photographs! I’ve been to Lisbon before so didn’t feel the need to take sightseeing pictures and as for Malick, well, you know how guys are, they go with the flow! Also Paris was exhausting. By the time we reached Lisbon all we wanted to do was put our feet up. Oh, and eat :) (more…)