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video / Friday / December 14th, 2018

WATCH: Christmas Gift Ideas featuring Hubby!

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Click’s recently sent Abdul Malick and I each a mystery box filled with his and hers gifts to celebrate the end of the year and their latest online and in-store deals. They’re currently running a 3 for 2 deal on some of their items, so if you buy three products with a purple sticker on it, you get the third item free! There are also tons of things you can buy that are marked down. (more…)

video / Thursday / December 13th, 2018

WATCH: Six Modest Holiday Outfits |Semi-Formal Lookbook

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Today I’m sharing some modest holiday outfit ideas, mostly semi-formal, some smart casual, all super chic! Even after the holidays are over, these looks are perfect for a special occasion or those dreaded times when your invite reads “smart casual”. (more…)

video / Friday / November 16th, 2018

The Ultimate Modest Workout Wear Guide

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In this video I share three modest exercise outfit ideas for most faiths, modest workout wear hacks, an important sports bra guide and an easy trick to create your own workout hijab! Why? Because you can be a cute and covered bad ass, with a good ass. That’s why.  (more…)

TRAVEL ADVICE, video / Wednesday / August 15th, 2018

Watch: 9 Ways To Make Travel More Affordable

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In today’s video I’m sharing the holy grail of my travel info! I should have probably mentioned it’s often (not always, but often) a lot cheaper to book an overseas trip on your own instead of getting a package. In this video I share my tips for making airfare affordable with a payment plan, how to get good rates for an affordable-luxury hotel, my budgeting guide for each day, where to get cheap halaal food and so much more. Buckle in, it’s a good one! And let me know if you want more travel-related videos, yeah? (more…)

video / Monday / July 30th, 2018

Watch: Three YouTube Videos That Mattered This Month

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As July comes to a close (and my love for YouTube continues to increase), there were three videos that hit home so hard for me as a woman. Judging by their view count, they clearly resonated with a lot of women too, so I thought I’d share them here. A YouTube rabbit hole, curated by me for you.

Watch Ascia Al Faraj bravely discuss her rightful choice to wearing her headscarf in the “middle ground” of the modest fashion realm and deny being a hijabi, cry with Desi Perkins as she shares her fertility battles and why you should never ask a woman if she’s pregnant or when she’s having kids and learn more about what it’s like to live with high functioning anxiety, according to Jordan Raskopolous at her TED talk. (more…)