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video / Monday / May 6th, 2019

Watch: Streetwear Lookbook | Three Ways to Style CAT Intruder Sneakers

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Seven year old me is so happy for 29 year old me right now, because I own not one but two pairs of CAT Intruder sneakers, which I vividly remember throwing a mild tantrum for in the 90’s! Back on the market and even better than before, the new CAT intruder sneakers are as cool as they are comfortable, playing nicely into the chunky sneaker trend that’s been seen pretty much everywhere! (more…)

video / Wednesday / April 17th, 2019

VLOG: In Joburg with LUX!


I spent 30 hours in Johannesburg with LUX South Africa recently to shoot our social media content for the year and to celebrate the launch of the new Even Tone Soap Bar! There were super glam moments but yeah, I totally turned back into a pumpkin too. It’s always a blast shooting with the LUX team and enjoying their company. I’ll always be honored to work with such an iconic brand and fantastic team!


video / Thursday / April 11th, 2019

Assumptions About Me Video : A Pregnant, Rich, Drop-Out?!

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I decided to try doing a YouTube Tag and the Assumptions About Me trend was going around so I thought I’d give it a go! For the longest time I was trying not to let my youtube channel be about me. I tried to make it as useful and about the viewer as possible, and stick to being a messenger. But this was fun. No make up, no fancy equipment, frills or fuss. Just my kitty and I discussing these assumptions and getting real with you for a whole 25 minutes. Let me know if you enjoyed this format!

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video / Tuesday / April 2nd, 2019



Dressing modestly is one thing, but looking cute and modest is an entirely different ballgame. I think I’ve found an online outlet store that solves that, allowing you to pay Zara/H&M type prices (once you’ve factored in shipping and tax for SA shoppers) for clothing designed with the modest modern woman in mind.  (more…)

BEAUTY, video / Thursday / March 28th, 2019

5 Habits That Transformed My Skin!


In more ways than I’ve been comfortable to share before, my skin has been through a lot these last two years. I went from having a flawless complexion, to having one with deep cystic pimples, constant zits and long-lasting scarring. With a lot of trial and error I’ve since cleared and stopped the breakouts, stopped getting cystic pimples entirely and nearly completely eradicated all scarring. In this video I’m sharing how you can do the same!