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BEAUTY, video, WORDS / Monday / July 24th, 2017

The Mna Nam: My Stylish New Way To Save For Pampering


It goes without saying that self-care and pampering can cost a pretty penny. How often do you go and spoil yourself only to feel a little bit broke afterwards?! Or how often do you neglect some of your appointments because you ran out of money? The latter is definitely my downfall, but recently, the coolest accessory known as the Mna Nam landed on my desk and may just be the solution to my little issue!  (more…)

WORDS / Friday / July 14th, 2017

My FULL Work History – From A Not So Glamorous Start To A Girl Boss


I’ve been blogging for a really long time. So long I actually surprised myself, because since I was really young I got bored so easily and went through every phase under the sun. Through documenting so much over the past seven years I’ve come to know a few things about myself and my peers, and if you share those common traits or you’re feeling a little lost career-wise, this may just help you feel little less alone or surprise you in hearing my story. Times are tough in the job market, and they have been for a while. I know so many educated people who just can’t find work. I’ve heard of so many parents getting frustrated at their young-adult kids because they paid for their education and they just can’t get their careers started. It’s so easy to think myself or others get it easy or have always had life figured out, but so often there’s a whole side of people’s lives or history that’s not as fabulous as their Instagram feed. But I’m here to confirm, life really doesn’t work in a fabulous way. (more…)

WORDS / Monday / July 10th, 2017

Huawei P10 Smartphone: A Great Phone for Instagrammers? – A Camera Test by Malick


Hey everyone, Abdul-Malick here. You guys might know me as Aqeelah’s husband and also the guy behind the lens of Fashion Breed’s photography. That being said, Huawei sent us the latest Huawei P10 smartphone to try out, since they partnered with Leica to create a powerful camera. We receive a lot of questions asking about the images we create, with one of them being which phone is a great option for a newbie Instagrammer, we decided to put the Huawei P10 camera to the test to answer your question. With Huawei aiming to live up to their reputation of being the “Master of Portraiture Photography”, and Leica having a reputation as the world’s best lens-maker, naturally, I was pretty excited to try and shoot some typical Instagram content with this phone.



WORDS / Thursday / July 6th, 2017

Statement Earrings You Should Totally Try


Statement earrings have been major for quite some time now, and I recently picked up these four pairs which I’ve been rotating with so many of my outfits, especially when they seem a little lacklustre. I’ve always been a statement earring kinda girl and years ago I would head to the Indian trade fairs when they would come to Cape Town because they always had the biggest and most OTT earrings you could possibly imagine! Thankfully, a girl doesn’t have to make seasonal missions anymore or always wear something that big for an impact. (more…)

WORDS / Friday / June 23rd, 2017

Am I Coloured Enough? : Making Headlines Beyond My ‘Light Skin’ Privilege


This past weekend in the spirit of Youth Day in SA, I made the front page headlines for an article on successful young South Africans. Guys, I work so hard and so honestly, if I do say so myself. This article really made me feel great and felt like an honest reflection of who I am today. 2017 has seen as much professional growth for me as personal growth. I’ve really stayed in my lane, been unapologetically myself, taken baby steps toward all-round success and happiness in every area in my life and it feels incredibly good. (more…)