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WORDS / Thursday / March 9th, 2017

Save the Date: Fashion Breed & Friends Charity Sale!

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So I’ve been hinting about this sale for ages over social media and finally, thanks to the phenomenal women at HomeMade CPT, the event has come together and we can tell you all about it!


I will be selling over 200 fashion and beauty items, both new and gently used, and I will be joined by two of my favourite local brands, Minimal Exposure and Street Lines Apparel. The entry fees and a percentage of all our sales will be donated to those in need in Syria. Changing rooms and card facilities will be available too, so come ready to shop!

I’m so excited to do this, not only for a good cause but because I’ll get to meet you guys, something I haven’t been able to do for a while on a bigger scale. I am often sent so many fashion and beauty press packages which I don’t get to wear/use very often/at all. From high-end to low end fashion, footwear, perfumes and make-up for days, I know they’ll be in a much better forever-home with you!

We’ll also be doing a clothing drive on the day for the homeless of Cape Town, so feel free to bring along items to donate.

So here’s all the info you need:

Date: 25 March 2017
Time: 11AM – 4PM
Address: Durham Studios 97 Durham Avenue, Salt River, Cape Town
Entry Fee: R20 at the door or pre-pay/make a donation by emailing, where you will be directed further.

Looking forward to hanging out with you all for a good cause!


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WORDS / Wednesday / January 25th, 2017

My PCOS Story – Your Popular Demand



Artwork by Laura Windvogel/Lady Skollie

Earlier last week, I very ecstatically shared the news that my ordeal with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) was significantly better. After I mentioned I fixed it with diet and exercise, a flurry of emails and comments requesting this post came in, so here we are. A little different from my usual content, but since it was so highly requested, I couldn’t not share it. (more…)

BEAUTY, WORDS / Monday / September 5th, 2016

What It’s Like To Have An Undercut

headshot copyThis article originally appeared on when I worked as their Beauty Editor, and has been modified since.

Let’s backtrack a bit; it feels like 2010 again as we’re seeing girls rocking the undercut once more. While this shave isn’t something we’re seeing on the catwalk (only because models book other jobs too), the interwebs and quite a few local babes still isn’t quite over this ‘do. And while mine is now grown out for quite a few years, I’m not quite over it either. This is my undercut story; from the first shave, to owning it, major mistakes and the process of growing it out. (more…)

WORDS / Tuesday / August 23rd, 2016

The Big Beauty Debate: YouTube Make-Up VS the Raw ‘Natural’ Trend

beauty debate

Note: This article first appeared as a piece I wrote when I was the Beauty Editor at I have since modified it slightly to make it applicable here.

For most girls who love following all things beauty, you may have noticed two huge trends contradicting each other in a major way. On the one hand you have your Instagram/YouTube baddies killing it with the best brows, snatched contour and basically an entire glossary of terms we’re still catching up with, while all things high-end, especially in relation to fashion, are pushing for a more natural look, with a focus on skin and celebrating individuality.

So WTF are we actually supposed to be doing in the wake of this BTS Battle of the Faces???  (more…)

WORDS / Tuesday / August 9th, 2016

What Women’s Day Made Me Remember


I recently made my readers a promise to write more, because so many said that’s what kept them coming back here. That being said, today I went all out. I actually started writing this piece over a year ago, because I’ve been wanting to share this story for a long time, but for some reason I held back. I’ve kept it mostly to myself and among loved ones for five years now, but I finally feel like I’m ready to talk about it with all of you.

Let’s start things off with a bit of background information such as the unwavering fact that I tend to say what I think and feel. I’m a Libra, and nothing fires a Libra up more than witnessing or experiencing unfair treatment. It gets a bit exhausting often being the only one to say exactly what everyone is thinking. I know that life at some point is unfair to everyone, but I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as remaining neutral because it always favours the oppressor.

Okay. Now let’s get to the story already. (more…)