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WORDS / Monday / July 10th, 2017

Huawei P10 Smartphone: A Great Phone for Instagrammers? – A Camera Test by Malick


Hey everyone, Abdul-Malick here. You guys might know me as Aqeelah’s husband and also the guy behind the lens of Fashion Breed’s photography. That being said, Huawei sent us the latest Huawei P10 smartphone to try out, since they partnered with Leica to create a powerful camera. We receive a lot of questions asking about the images we create, with one of them being which phone is a great option for a newbie Instagrammer, we decided to put the Huawei P10 camera to the test to answer your question. With Huawei aiming to live up to their reputation of being the “Master of Portraiture Photography”, and Leica having a reputation as the world’s best lens-maker, naturally, I was pretty excited to try and shoot some typical Instagram content with this phone.



The Huawei P10’s Leica dual camera, carries two SUMMARIT-H lenses with 4K shooting, 20MP+12MP camera sensors, optical image stabilization and superior low-light capabilities. This smartphone camera is one of my favorites in 2017, because of the pro shooting mode, that allows you to change settings of the camera and shoot in full manual mode, so you can adjust everything from your ISO to your aperture. You are able to shoot in both jpeg and RAW format, giving you more control over the image and allowing you to get even more creative, which is really cool.

Another awesome shooting setting the camera offers is portrait mode, which makes use of 3D face detection, and blurs out your background, resulting in a DSLR-style shot. Be sure to check out our example down below!

The phone takes sharp and detailed photographs, with other shooting color adjustment modes available. The front camera captures 2x more light, which makes it great for day and night photography. Something else I really liked is the way it automatically adjusts to a wide angle shot for those group photos.

As you’ve maybe noticed, Aqeelah likes her images’ aesthetic to have stark contrasts, with really light, lights, and really dark darks. This effect is heightened and made a lot easier when shooting in artistic mode. When shooting in normal mode, achieving this look requires further editing, but with Leica’s built-in editing app, it’s easy to give pictures a basic edit like adding filters, and making adjustments. Furthermore, the phone allows you to add selected watermarks to images, if that’s your thing.

We took a few test images to show you guys the general performance quality of the camera.


At first glance, I liked the craftsmanship of the phone immediately; such a sleek and elegant design.
Being engrossed in the latest technology, I found the phones interface simple, easy, with lightning-fast multi tasking capabilities!

The display is great – one thing I’ve always appreciated about Android phones is the ease at which you can upload/download movies and series to the device, which is awesome for when I’m on the road and have time to kill.


The Huawei P10 is a really great phone for Instagrammers, especially since the extensive options available for you to exercise your creativity is a really amazing feature. The front camera, AKA the selfie-cam is quite possibly the best and most crisp front-facing camera I’ve tested. The low-light shooting capability really isn’t bad under the correct settings, although, if you can help it, as most successful Instagrammers know, you should try not to shoot in bad lighting conditions anyway. As someone who has extensive experience in both Apple and Android devices, I would 100% purchase this phone myself, not only for the camera, but for its general usage and features. Have any of you guys tried out this phone? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comment section below!

Until next time,


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Words & Images by Abdul Malick Ally

This post was done in collaboration with Huawei South Africa. All views and opinions expressed are 100% our own.