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outfits / Wednesday / March 29th, 2017


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As soon as I feel the slightest chill in the air, I find an excuse to whip out my thigh high boots unapologetically! I bought this pair at Witchery in 2015 and they’ve treated me so well. I’m so happy I bought a suede/leather pair, because even though they’re super trendy right now, trend or not, I’m definitely going to be wearing these for years to come because I’ve loved this style since the Hiltons were cool. Speaking of trends, corsets are major right now, ironically even though we’re all feminists these days. But hey, it comes down to freedom of choice, right?

In other news, Leonor and I are headed up Table Mountain’s cable car this afternoon. It’s her third time visiting me in Cape Town and she’s yet to go up! I’m also hosting a breakfast at my house this morning and I’ve got pancakes to fry, so I have to sign off for now :)



Tee – H&M, Corset – Zara, Jeans – Country Road, Boots – Witchery

Photographs by Malick