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outfits, THE MALDIVES / Friday / May 17th, 2013

Maldives Cast Away

IMG_0373 IMG_0366Dress, tshirt, hat – all Mr Price, Jimmy Choo shades from SmartBuyGlasses Taken at low tide cruising on our way to one of the islands, I braved the end of the boat and had this pic snapped with every hope that I wouldn’t get blown away or lose my favourite hat. My favourite thing about this look though is this fringed crop I bought at Mr Price when I came home on my leave. I love it because it reminds me of those old school fringed dresses with the beads on them, I had a ton of them when I was a kid. They were reserved for beach/pool days, and judging by my last post you can tell I quite enjoy indulging in my inner five year old. Maldives was beautiful, but as you can see behind me a huge storm was brewing, and we felt its wrath as our boat nearly capsized (yes, really). Despite the weather’s temperament I snorkelled in the turquoise waters among tropical fish, completely in awe that this was real life not the pages of some holiday magazine or national geographic. Sometimes I think I’m a little too lucky. xx