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MILAN, STREET STYLE / Monday / November 5th, 2012

Milan – Street Style

So I got to taste a long-time dream of mine for a day – visiting one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan. It felt SO good to be back in Italy!

I expected to see a lot more stylish women, but it was more the men who impressed me with their polished looks and demure energy. I appreciated their perfectly tailored coats, polished leather shoes and the way their hair looked amazing whether it was curly, long, or cut. I liked that they were well-kept whether they were twenty eight or sixty eight. I’m noticing many European women having a “hard”  energy about their fashion and I have most definitely been noticing it while travelling, and it can be off-putting…  in a fabulous, unobtainable, walking-brand kind of way. Extending the inaccessible, you-can’t-touch-me dream of owning the Prada, the Balenciaga, the Cèline. I tried not to have this post only include them. However, the men somehow maintain the standard, but it seems more relaxed and effortless. Maybe it’s easier? Maybe it’s the charm of an Italian man? Either way I appreciated it a lot more.

I struggled to get decent shots of the best people I saw. Just when you think you have a clear aim, someone walks into your frame, your moment is lost and your subject dips into a café or a swarm of people. “Maybe next time,” I lie to myself, with a lump in my throat knowing I am leaving Milan at 11pm that night and unsure if/when there will be a next time. It was really frustrating. A moving target is harder to hit, but aside from the fact that I am too awkward to ask people to take their photograph, I prefer a documentary approach. I’m not sure if it comes with practice, proximity, place or lens or luck?


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  • Great post!
    Not the first time I hear about European woman having a hard energy actually.
    Love your documentary take on your street style images. I have the same issue sometimes when taking streetstyle shots, I hate asking people therefore the shot gets lost in the moment.


  • I much prefer your way of doing it. The ones where people are looking at the camera with the same standard pose get boring. Also, we get to see your actual photog skills.

  • I love the documentary approach you took here and i’m really glad you didnt post pictures of the people who seemed to be trying too hard or who seemed ‘aloof’. I think style is really style if it looks effortless – like second nature.

    wonderful post :)

  • I loved this post.I actually learned a thing or two from this on another subject.How I discovered you.I was busy going through my old fashion magz ,when I came across the marie claire2012 jaunary issue.on page 27,I read BRUNCH WITH INTERNATIONAL FASHION BLOGGER BRYANBOY.I was more interested in pictures as usual & there is this one stylish lady that really stood out,funky hair cut,floral vintage jacket,denim shirt buttoned up to the collar with a camera on her hand,on the bottom right conner of her photo,sits no 15.I then quickly went through all the names on that page looked for no 15.Aqueelah Harron,I immediately took to google, yes I googled you & the rest should be your blog!! ;)