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STYLING / Thursday / December 22nd, 2016

NYE with Cavendish Square!


Hi lovelies! This month I styled up another tenant showcase window for Cavendish Square, with New Year’s outfit inspiration in mind. I loved each of these dresses I picked all for a different (but stunning) reason. Initially the middle mannequin had an floor-length,  olive green halter dress with two hip-high slits, but it was the last one left from Monsoon and a customer needed it, and I really don’t blame her!

This NYE, whether you’re hosting a party or going out for the night, Cavendish Square has so many options to give you the perfect excuse to go shopping!

If you’re interested in any of these items, scroll down to find the store credits below.


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Mannequin 1 Dress: HR Boutique

Mannequin 2 & 3 Dresses: Monsoon

All shoes from Vince Camuto 

All decor from MRP home 

All jewellery and bags from Accessorize

Light podiums are Cavendish’s own.