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STYLING / Friday / February 28th, 2014

Old Khaki Advertorial


I recently styled this advertorial for Old Khaki and AFF with the best team in the worst conditions!

Shooting winter clothing in 37 degree heat with models baking on the mountain under many layers were not ideal, and our photographer even got sick for a bit as the sun proved to be our biggest and most dangerous threat. And all I could think was I’m going to be so tired at the office tomorrow.We resumed about one hour before dark after giving the sun some time to calm itself, chasing the light, but as usual Amy doesn’t disappoint and is a super fast shooter! It was my first time working with Kelly Paitaki, after wanting to for so long. She captured Ammaarah’s best features, as if I wasn’t obsessed enough – her face is phenomenal. Obviously Ammaarah and I have family in common too because you know, #muslimgirlproblems. As for Reyn – a trooper of note.

It’s always interesting styling for a brand because your freedom is a bit limited when you’re being paid to please them and produce work that isn’t necessarily “you” from time to time. The last time I styled for Guess felt a little like an epic fail now that I look back so this time around I think I maintained the integrity of the brand while still adding a touch that’s kinda my “style”.

My words are few today as it’s home time and I’m so ready to leave the office. I hope everyone has the best weekend!