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TRAVEL, video / Friday / September 22nd, 2017

Portugal Vlog

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It took a while, but our Portugal vlog is here! I’m not going to lie, we were kind of the worst at documenting this leg of our trip. As in we barely even have photographs! I’ve been to Lisbon before so didn’t feel the need to take sightseeing pictures and as for Malick, well, you know how guys are, they go with the flow! Also Paris was exhausting. By the time we reached Lisbon all we wanted to do was put our feet up. Oh, and eat :)So no photo diary will be happening this time around unfortunately, but I’ll still be sharing a detailed post on the place we stayed at.¬†Otherwise, enjoy the vlog!


  • alecia langton

    Hey love your travel advise. please make a trip adviser blog on how you plan flights, how you find accommodation etc :) thank you in advance!