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CAPE TOWN, outfits / Monday / January 27th, 2014

Thoughts at Bay

Harbour 5 copy

Cape Town is extra beautiful these days. It seems like the real summer weather is finally kicking in and judging by this outfit you can tell I wasn’t really ready for it, but you probably know I try and sneak some lush leather in wherever I can for as long as my body can take the heat!

I’m slowly easing into the new year and my new job, and when I think of the crazy whirlwind my life has been particularly in the last two years it’s still so much to wrap my head around. In some ways a lot of it seems like a dream or long ago, but all it takes is an image, a song or a scent to teleport me to times I can’t believe slipped through my hands so quickly.

I wanted a 9-5 job so I could finally have less chaos and enjoy a sense of grounded calm. I’ve been home for five months and yet it’s like I carry a post-aviation shell-shock syndrome every where, comparing everything I encounter. While so much is exactly the same as I left it, I really can’t look at people or the world in the same way at all ever again. In many ways it has been an awakening, and in many ways, a trauma.  I’m addicted to change and growth even if I can’t keep up, and I find it fascinating when people are able to stay in the same position/circumstances for years at a time.

I’m interested to know… What makes you stay?


Harbour 1 Harbour 2 untitled folder 2 Harbour 6Raybans from Sunglass Hut, Parfois necklace, Esprit Tee, leather waistcoat from Bangkok, Mango Denims, Casio watch, Zara bag, Zara heels.

Shot by Lisa Gabriel


  • I loved this look and piece you wrote so much. I just came back from an a amazing holiday to Thailand where my life has drastically changed I am more excited about everything I do now and wish other people could embrace change and new things so much more. My vision with my blog Is to inspire one and all by giving everyone hope that today can start your better tomorrow.

    • fashionbreed

      Seeing the world opens your eyes. We upset ourselves over the silliest things! So glad you feel rejuvenated after your trip. Best of luck! <3

  • beautiful post!
    fear…fear makes me stay.

    • fashionbreed

      And fear extends my stay! ;)

  • these photos are absolutely PERFECT. love this look!
    thus far…? education makes me stay.

  • Emma

    My family and loved ones.

  • I love this post. Well, you and I are somewhat the same, so I’m not sure what makes me stay, but I know that the drive to succeed is what keeps me growing, and moving for that matter. The more I see, the bigger my dreams get.

  • Lucca

    I love it, and the pictures are beautiful. That lipstick really suits you too. Just keep doing what you do, I love your blog!

    Now to a completely different subject. I’m from Denmark, 13 hours flight from Cape Town, and I might move to Cape Town for some years in 2015. It’s all just a bit crazy. My mum got this working opportunity last week that I’m not able to tell anybody about, but I can see that you’re a fashion freak in every positive way, so I KNOW you’ll find out eventually, haha! Anyway…
    I might need to point out that I’m only 15 years old, and if we move to South Africa, it will be such a dramatic life change for me, but really exciting too, since I’m not really a person to step out of my comfort zone.
    That must’ve been boring for you to read, haha, but luckily I DO have a point with this comment! All I want to accomplish is just a single question answered. Now, I’ve heard so much about Cape Town being an unsafe place to visit because of the crime. But it just seems like the most lovely place in the world, so is that really the case? And if there’s anything you feel like I need to know about the town, you’re more than welcome to share it, that would just please me :)
    Love from Lucca

    • Hi Lucca! Where in Denmark are you from? I’ve been to Copenhagen and I loved it! If I compare the two cities, they are definitely very different. I think every city has its darker side. Cape Town can be unsafe at times but it depends where you are, what time, what you are doing etc. Walking around by yourself at night isn’t too safe, and there are the odd crimes that happen but it’s not a bad place at all either. I was mugged once when I was 17, I’m 24 now and since then all that’s happened to me is I have lost a few phones/been pick-pocketed. You will love Cape Town, it’s incredibly beautiful and very different to anywhere in Europe! Every foreign friend I have becomes completely obsessed with it. I’ve travelled a lot and I do feel I live in the most beautiful city in the world :) all the best to you and your mom! xx

      • Lucca

        I live in Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark, but I’m typically visiting Copenhagen in holidays. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay!
        Excactly, I know the two cities are extremely different, and that’s why I’m a bit sceptical about not blending in. But I’m sure we’ll be safe, and it’s great with changes in life. I just have to maintain my common sense, because I know I won’t be walking alone at night etc. I’m really sorry to hear that you were mugged though!
        Now that you’ve clarified my ‘fears’ about Cape Town, it’s just the small things that concerns me, like if I’m good enough at English and so on. Thank you SO much for replying, it means a lot to me, and I know we’re going to love the beautiful city too – if we’re going. I do have a choice, but I’m 85 % sure that I want to. Don’t you think I should take the chance?
        You are really lucky to travel that much, I wish it was me. Love from me again :)

      • Lucca

        Btw. I’m dying to know if there’s a Primark and Zara in Cape Town? I’m a huge fashion lover, haha! xx

        • Nasheta

          Hi – we do have a Zara, but no Primark yet unfortunately :(

  • Those heels looks so comfy!

  • I think fear makes alot of people to stay.I feel we are the blessed ones that are able to dive in headfirst into new experiences.Sometimes its difficult if you are in a comfort level,It takes a really brave person to dive into the unknown.
    Your blog is fabulous and I am obsessed with you an Aisha.Great to have you your style.Looking forward to more.