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TRAVEL ADVICE, video / Wednesday / August 15th, 2018

Watch: 9 Ways To Make Travel More Affordable

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In today’s video I’m sharing the holy grail of my travel info! I should have probably mentioned it’s often (not always, but often) a lot cheaper to book an overseas trip on your own instead of getting a package. In this video I share my tips for making airfare affordable with a payment plan, how to get good rates for an affordable-luxury hotel, my budgeting guide for each day, where to get cheap halaal food and so much more. Buckle in, it’s a good one! And let me know if you want more travel-related videos, yeah?




  • samantha pillay

    Great post, was wondering if your accomodation budget in this video is per person or for two people?

    • Hi Samantha! So sorry I don’t know how I missed this comment. It’s for two people sharing! This has worked for me for both Europe and Asia.