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video / Monday / May 8th, 2017

Watch: Cover, Girl Modest Dressing Q&A with Nabilah Kariem

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For the longest time my friend, Nabilah, and I have been discussing doing this video and it’s finally ready for you! We discuss everything from what defines modesty, the difference between modest dressing and hijab, modest dressing on a budget, our take on the Islamic nail polish debate, Nabilah’s hijab story and more. Side note – I now realise the severity of my resting bitch face, I mean WOW! Haha! I suddenly totally understand why people always say I look so scary, but oh well :) | Photograph by Rizqua Barnes.

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  • Aneesa

    Loved this video! And I love how in a time when dressing modestly and wearing hijab is taboo, that you both are promoting it beautifully; not only to encourage religious teachings but also to encourage women to feel powerful without having to expose their bodies. That way the world is forced to see us women for our inner strength. I wear hijab and I love experimenting with new looks all the time. It’s part of my dress sense, it’s part of me and it’s now more than ever that we need to shed some positivity on the reasons why women of many religions choose to go the modest route. Looking forward to the next video!

  • Lameesisrah

    Thank you to the both of you for being such an inspiration to many. Love love love what you do. May you grow from strength to strength In sha Allah Ameen.
    Such humble souls xxx

  • Rushanah Salie

    Absolutely loved this video. Thanks for being an inspiration to women and more importantly muslim women…especially in this day and age! I wish both of you only the best and may you go from strength to strength In Shaa Allah.

  • Minhaaj Ebrahim

    This really hit home for me, I think it’s so cool that you ladies are promoting this and doing it so well! It really is inspiring to me as a Muslim woman because honestly, the Hijaab struggle is REAL but seeing things like this video helps me edge closer and closer to committing to it…Inshallah, all in good time. Thanks ladies!

  • ameliaplpl

    Please post Nabilah’s Eid outfit you spoke of in the video…or where can I see it?