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BEAUTY, video / Saturday / May 12th, 2018

Watch: I Got Fillers | My Skinbooster Treatment Journey!


I had a skinbooster treatment a few weeks ago and it has completely TRANSFORMED the condition of my skin! It entails injecting hyaluronic acid under the dermis of your skin, the molecules of which hold a thousand times its weight in moisture, but also acts as a mild filler. Follow my journey before, during and after the procedure as I document the process, side effects and final results.

My skinbooster treatment was done at Renascent Health in Pinelands, Cape Town.


  • Ferowza Bowren

    I really enjoyed this vid Aqeela. My skin needs hydration, but I’m pretty sure this would kill my budget. So I’ll stick with my Dermalogica facials (that’s about all I can spring for lol). I love how candid you were about your skin condition and sharing tips that are definitely useful and relevant. Please do bring on your pretty doctor! I for one would love to understand how I can cleanse from the inside and how to boost your skincare regime. I am pretty good with morning cleansing, spritzing the toner and moisturising, but I’m so terrible with doing the same at night. Keep posting em vids! :)