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TRAVEL, video / Thursday / April 26th, 2018

Watch: My Dubai Vlog – I won An Award


We went to Dubai again and it was – as it always is – spectacular, filled with reunions and fun! Check out the our vlog after the jump; we did so much and I STILL feel like I missed out because there’s just so much to see and do in this magical city. I know if and when I visit again, it will only have even more attractions to blow my mind!

In the video you get to follow us to Motion Gate theme park, Last Exit Mad X (seriously the coolest place), Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Global Village, Miracle Garden and more. I was also able to join Ascia for the launch of Modest X Ascia in Dubai which was super special.

I highly recommend Dubai to anyone who is at a loss for ideas of where to travel. There is an endless amount of over-the-top fun things to do, and it is truly impossible to be bored when visiting. I think if I was a city, I’d be Dubai, because it’s so extra and also very much halaal-friendly!

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  • Ferowza Bowren

    Such gorgeous pics. Now I also wanna go to Dubai (toddler whining voice)… Your hubby likes to photo bomb your pics hey. Smiles like the innocent then leans in when you’re not watching lol.