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outfits / Tuesday / August 22nd, 2017

What I wore to the Palace of Versailles


Hello from gloomy Cape Town! Malick and I are back home and the bitter-sweet emotional hangover of our amazing holiday┬ábeing over is a serious reality, but I’m going to share more images, videos and stories of all of that in my next few blog posts. Today though, I’m sharing my Versailles outfit :)

Visiting the Palace of Versailles has been a dream of mine for around a decade maybe? I was really into the history of the French Revolution when I was in high school so finally getting to see this palace was so special. And of course, it didn’t hurt that it’s the most beautiful place ever for taking pictures!


I wanted a look that felt French with an African finish, grand and yet totally wearable. The skirt was custom-made by my mom of course and the top is by local brand, Lunah. My super comfy loafers are by Carvela at Spitz. I love how all of these items can be worn in a million different ways and each bring their own statement feel to any outfit, and in this case, they were even better together.



Shot by Abdul Malick Ally

versailles layout