10 Reasons To Stay At La Charme Du Marais, Paris


When planning our trip to Paris, I was significantly torn between whether I wanted the comforts of a hotel, or the Parisian apartment experience. In the end, we opted for both. We booked La Charme Du Marais via cobblestoneparis.com, who specialize in renting out beautiful apartments all over central Paris. We spent three nights there and truly could not have asked for a better apartment to have stayed in. There was so much to love about it, but here are ten things that made our stay extra awesome:

1. This apartment is a really old Parisian apartment, on the third floor of its building with a balcony that wraps around the corner. Apartments with these features were reserved for the wealthy and embody historic Parisian luxury.
2. We booked the apartment via Cobble Stone Paris rentals (www.cobblestoneparis.com), who only rent out apartments of a high standard in Paris. For apartments to be listed with them, you know it won’t be something shabby.
3. Our apartment greeter, David, was amazing. He previously worked as a tour guide in Paris and could advise us on so many hidden gems in the city and nearby area. In general Cobblestone’s service really made you feel at home, and like they are going the extra mile for you. They even offer you deals for cruises on the Seine and photoshoots if you want one.
4. It was great having a fully-functioning kitchen stocked with tea, coffee, spices, olive oil etc which allows you to purchase your own food and prepare it yourself, saving you money and potentially giving you healthier options.
5. We loved that the kitchen also had a dishwasher, as well as a washing machine and drier (stocked with the necessary powders etc). We did our laundry on the last day which allowed us to have fresh clothes for our onward journey to Lisbon.
6. There were so many halaal food places around us that were open very late, and we particularly enjoyed our breakfast/brunch almost every day across the street at Cafe le Spicy.
7. The apartment is close to the metro and has lots of great restaurants and shops in the area, including Le Halles mall and cheaper stores in alley ways. 
8. The apartment decor is so pretty, and of course, instagrammable. And yes, there was great wifi.
9. Eating freshly-baked croissants on the balcony was a simple, but dreamy pleasure.
10. We loved having a cabinet stocked full of DVD’s filled with famous films that all had something to do with Paris or France. After a day of lots of walking, it was so great chilling on the big comfy couch with munchies while watching the film, Chocolat.

If you’re interested in staying at La Charme Du Marais or to check out any of the other apartment rentals listed with Cobblestone Paris, click here. For a tour of the apartment, check out our Paris vlog here and fast forward to 07:14.


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Photographs by Abdul Malick Ally


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