15 000 hits + another one for the Loners

Let me just start by saying I started this post on the 15th (a day later than I’d hoped, because blogger was being unreliable), then I proceeded to lose my post 3 times, despite having saved the work. Thank you blogger, by the time people see these all my items will have been sold already.

[insert awkward silence for the girl who has just inappropriately vented publicly]


My boyfriend’s brother, Ashraf Majiet came to visit from Dubai for two weeks. A 2010 Cannes Young Lion and senior art director for Tonic International in Dubai, he has been looking to delve deeper into photography, particularly for fashion. You can view his Behance here. He offered to shoot for Lone Folk so he could practice and test out that new Nikon D7000 of his (ok but on a serious note he is Inspector Gadget in disguise). I was only too excited to take him up on his offer. We did two shoots during his short stay, below are a few shots from both. The second shoot was definitely my favourite, because I haven’t done a studio shoot for the brand yet, and I’m pretty tired of all this “watch-me-sit-pretty-in-the-meadows” bullshit. Ok it’s not bullshit, I love it, but I needed a change. I was inspired by disco, circa 1980’s colour, movement, the movie Flashdance, Madonna – instead of interpreting garments realistically as to how they could be worn today.

We also took a few quick portrait shots for my blog. Initially it was just going to be for my side bar but I was so happy with the result I decided to brag and use it in my header instead.

Let me know your thoughts on everything! And thank you to everybody who reads my blog regularly and got me to 15 000 hits :)


 turbans – R50 (available in navy, black, grey, beige, pastel green)
sheer checked shirt, 32/34 – R150 at Autumn Fish
floral and lace dress – R150
black chunky cable-knit cape – R170 at Autumn Fish
Vintage dress (buttons down halfway), size 32/34 – R200
Adidas cut-off cropped top size S – R80
gold chain belt by Zaar Vintage Apparel – R185 at Autumn Fish
bottoms – stylist’s own
chunky leg warmers – R50
teal tulle bow headband with black beading – R120 at Autumn Fish
Oversized unisex denim jacket – R200
thin-knit leg warmers – R30
lumo floral playsuit (pockets inset), size 10 –  R140
gold chain belt by Zaar Vintage Apparel – R185 at Autumn Fish
chunky black leg warmers – R50
roller skates – stylist’s own
oversized striped cardigan R120
(so many more chunky knits available, ranging from R100 – R150 from me and at Autumn Fish)
chunky black legwarmers – R50

Photographer: Ashraf Majiet

Styling:Aqeelah Harron
Hair and MUA: Yasmina Effendi @ Bobbi Brown
Models: Yrsa, Kirsten and Natasha (model & dancer) @ 20 Management

Autumn Fish Boutique – 89 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock
Any garments seen not listed at the boutique can be arranged with me via aqeelahharron@gmail.com