5 Shows To Binge Watch for the Fashion Inspo

While we all love a good show to binge on, it’s even better when the fashion grips you too. I’ve been through my fair share of shows from start to finish and it’s surprisingly often where I get my outfit inspiration from. For the last three months, our streaming has been perfectly powered by Vodacom fibre which has made watching our favourite shows such a breeze. It also makes downloads super fast when I want to watch my favourite shows offline on the Netflix/Showmax apps (AKA my favourite load shedding pastime).

In no particular order, these are the shows that I’ve loved watching for their inspiring fashion:


This one’s a no brainer; they always say fashion and New York City are the fifth and sixth leads in the show following famed gal pals, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. But considering that the show is almost two decades old, and the style in there is still inspiring, it just shows how timelessly bold and creative stylist, Patricia Fields and Sarah Jessica Parker are.

Streaming details: There are 6 seasons with about 20 episodes each and every episode is around 22 minutes long. You can find all six seasons on Showmax.


Another no brainer, but in case you needed a reminder, Gossip Girl has style inspo for everyone. From the couture to the everyday looks to the notorious interpretations of the Constance uniform, everyone needs to have watched this show at least once. And if you already have, it’s time to start it again.

Streaming details: There are six seasons with about 20 episodes each, and every episode is around 40 minutes long. You can watch all six seasons on Netflix.


This show is Game of Thrones meets Gossip Girl, and is loosely based around the life of Mary Queen of Scotts and her life at French Court, with some events being historically-accurate and others being purely fictional and occurring for the sheer joy of TV drama. The costumes are not periodically-accurate, it’s more a regular couture show with a few homages to old French fashion, making the show more modern and enjoyable. 

Streaming details: There are four seasons with about 20 episodes each, with every episode lasting about 40 minutes long. You can watch all four seasons on Netflix.


Set in Britain in the 1920’s, the show follows the notorious gypsy street gang, the Peaky Blinders, and their money-making ways. As their wealth grows, their style gets better and better. The 1920’s has always been a favourite era in women’s fashion for me, however, it’s the men who really steal the show. It’s absolutely impossible not to want a tailored three-piece suit after watching this!

Streaming details: There are five seasons with about 7 episodes each, with each episode lasting around one hour long. You can watch all five seasons on Netflix.


The modern take on the original and popular show also called Dynasty from the 80’s, if you loved Gossip Girl, you’ll love this one (it’s literally shot in a very similar way with the same kind of music score). It follows the dramatic lives of billionaire family, the Carringtons, and you know what they say; mo’ money, mo’ problems, and this family is not short when it comes to either. Needless to say, mo’ money also means mo’ budget for epic fashion. Crystal’s wardrobe in season 1 is my absolute favourite, but later on it’s Monica’s that has me drooling. You should also follow the show’s stylist, @meredith_costumes on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at the wardrobe choices. PS: The outfit in these pictures was totally Dynasty inspired!

Streaming details: There are two seasons streaming on Netflix right now. Each season has approximately 20 episodes that last 40 minutes each.

And that’s it for now! What are you watching at the moment?


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Outfit details: Haute Haya jumpsuit, Crystal Birch hat, Spitz shoes, Zara sequin jacket. All images by Abdul-Malick Ally.


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