5 Timeless Jackets Everyone Needs

It’s outerwear season which calls for our cosiest outfits to make a comeback. However, my biggest wish for everyone’s seasonal choices is that we invest in the classics that can last years; it’s better for your wallet, more versatile for your wardrobe and easier on the planet when we’re buying less and choosing well. I have some of my best omg-I-love-your-jacket jackets for a decade!

Here are five jackets everyone needs:

The Black Leather Jacket

If you’re not vegan, I suggest to everyone they buy leather jackets. They add an effortlessly-cool, rock-and-roll feel to any outfit and they never go out of style. I still have a leather jacket that belonged to my dad when he was a teen; so believe me when I say it’s something that will last for life! It’s definitely not the cheapest thing to get, but it also depends on how you look at it; do you price your purchases on cost-per-wear or how much it affects your budget immediately? If it’s cost-per-wear, this jacket could be one of the “cheapest” things you end up owning. If it’s a purchase that you can’t afford right away, it’s definitely a long-haul item you could save up for.

The Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are the perfect layering option and great for those family days or to tone down outfits that seem a little dressy. Go for a medium wash blue in a 100% cotton, non-stretch fabric, or explore more easy-to-match denim jackets in black or white. You won’t regret either of those three shades!


Blazers are no longer just reserved for the boardroom and special occasions, but teamed with loungewear these days too. From oversized and boxy to tailored and cropped, at least one classic blazer is a must in everyone’s wardrobe for instant outfit elevation. I’ve seen some amazing blazers online, and there’s a style for everyone’s preference.


There are few things as elegant and chic as a trench coat/jacket. It’s the easiest way to dress up any outfit, whether it’s a classic style or a lightweight, long-length belted coat. My personal favourite thing to do is throw it over loungewear; not just for days on the move, but it’s a stylishly comfortable way to do errands, travel or to pick up the kids from school.

Classic coat

An absolute essential for when you don’t have that perfect jacket to complete your look, your old faithful melton/wool coat will save the day! Get a good quality, neutral-toned coat and you’re all set for many winters to come.


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