A break is needed

So I have been verrrry quiet. Aside from work that keeps me busy at all hours of the day, a few other things in my life have just gone a little pear-shaped. It’s been a rollercoaster past couple of months, and while the highs by far outweigh the lows, I’d say it’s finally caught up with me. This has been a week from hell, with a death, legal stress, a huge theft and intense workload. And to top it off I have more people placing extra expectation on me than being empathetic. From wanting to “hang out”, playing photographer, attending events to needing favours and then just general obligation. I’m pretty burnt out to a point where I actually don’t care about anyone’s feelings right about now, I need to put myself first. So I do what I feel like doing, and see who I feel like seeing and I don’t feel bad about it right now, and people who truly care will understand that. That includes posting here for a bit. I don’t want to post for the sake of posting – quality over quantity. I’ll try to get back into it properly as soon as possible, but I have another daunting week ahead with a looming court case, among many other things. Bare with me. I’ll be back, promise.

This is a photograph Aisha took outside my house at the Sex and the City-themed surprise party she threw for my birthday. I was being silly with my little cousins Hanaa (8) and Taraa (6), who in my opinion deserved best-dressed! I’m in love with the top I wore – a beaded/sequinned silk vintage piece from India. The detail is so intricate and I love how it’s cropped up the sides. After an intense Beyonce dance-off with Aish and Inge, I replaced my 7-inch platforms with combat boots (it’s my party, and I’ll wear flats if I want to). These two little ones are seriously my babies, and they look up to me in everything I do. I remember being their age and looking up to my older girl cousins too and thinking everything they did and wore and said was so amazing! So it’s nice to finally be the admired and not just the admirer :)