A Guide To Dressing Like a Minimalist


As someone who is somewhat known to be more “extra” with my style, it came as a surprise to me even how I began pandering to a more minimalistic look over the last year or so. I think the reason for my new partial preference came from the fact that I finally understood the art behind it. This whole aesthetic is often associated with being plain, boring, or too clinical, but I’ve fast discovered this to be completely untrue. I also love that it can make you look wonderfully expensive, even with budget-friendly, simple basics.

All of this is of course not set in stone, but here are some of my tips for dressing like a minimalist.

  1. Structure and silhouette are everything. The unique construction and styling of a look is often what makes a minimalist’s outfit stand out.
  2. Experiment with layering. This is what adds dimension to your outfit and makes it interesting!
  3. Embrace longer length tops. When searching minimalist outfits online, I so often find longer length tops or even dresses layered over trousers in the looks I loved most.
  4. Stick to a maximum of one to two solid, focal colors (preferably muted neutrals) and avoid prints.
  5. If you’re craving a bit of detailing or texture allow it to be one single focal point, for example a bold bag or statement earrings or in my case here, some textured shoes.
  6. This is not the type of look you pair with Instagram make-up. It’s all about simplicity and fresh-faced skin.
  7. If this is the kind of style you want to adopt long-term, invest in your basics. My favourite places to shop for basics are H&M, Studio W at Woolworths and G-Star RAW (they make the BEST t-shirts that you can wash repeatedly and keep in your closet for years, barely losing its quality). Also invest in 100% cotton jeans for more longevity. A few months ago I wrote a guide to shopping for denims properly, ones that will last you long and won’t lose their shape. You can read that post here.


I wore this look exactly a week ago at the first official Meet & Greet I did with Ascia and Nabilah Kariem. In case you missed in on my social channels, my favorite international blogger came to SA to shoot a campaign and she included us in it! While she was here, so many of you asked me to beg her to do a meet-up, and I did, and she asked Nabilah and I to do it with her. Honestly, with her having over 2 million followers I thought I was just going with her for moral support. Never in a million years did I think I’d be overwhelmed with love, hugs and presents from so many of you who came there to see me too. It was SO special, I actually cried at one point! Well, in general, so much of last week was so special and just the best ever. I’m currently editing my vlog of what we got up to – I can’t wait for you guys to see it!

Otherwise, most people go on leave today and the holidays are officially upon us. I hope you all have the MOST special time with your loved ones, make the best new memories and please – stay safe!



Outfit Details: H&M shirt, Country Road jeans and heels.

Shot by Abdul Malick Ally at Radisson RED, Cape Town







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