A Look at my Beauty Desk & Make-Up Storage

beauty desk 1

Today’s post makes me feel extra giddy and girly, because FINALLY I have a beauty desk in my office! Even though I have a pretty big desk and decent-sized dressing table in my bedroom, trust me when I say this was necessary, because my make-up collection was getting out of control and laying all over the house. If you like any of these items I’ve linked them all at the end of this post where you can shop them online.


I wanted something simple, pretty and also practical, with as little clutter as possible.  I also didn’t want to DIY anything, because that literally never works out for me! While I didn’t want to go overboard with all those very girly, YouTubey things like fairy lights and all that, I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than a Hollywood bulb-framed mirror, and the clear perspex tiered make-up storage and a great desk and chair. Overall the room has gold, black and white touches, so I introduced that to my beauty desk. The clock and candles were a must, to keep me on schedule while getting ready and giving off a zen vibe at the same time. Anyone else find it highly therapeutic giving your face a good beat?

The Desk & Chair

I got both of these from MRP Home, they really complimented the room, and brought a lighter feel to it which I love. The chair is super comfy and nicely padded.

The Hollywood Mirror

These hollywood mirrors are SO hard to come by in South Africa. Seriously, I’ve been looking for ages, until I found Be Beautiful by Katy M’s online store. It really gives the whole room such a glam feel and I feel like a star every time I sit down to do my make-up. Her service is really amazing too!

My Storage

While I have various little storage compartments for my make-up, the real star of the show overall is this 5-tiered perspex stunner I got from Beauty Box SA who I found on Instagram. Again, amazing service and they can custom-make your storage according to your needs.

I love how user-friendly it is! It literally gives you clarity with where your make-up items are :) Since I start with my eye make-up, I store my items more or less in the order that I use them:

Level 1 (top shelf) – perfumes, primers, lipsticks (lipstick stand was bought elsewhere but Beauty Box SA has them too), mascaras, finishing spray.

Level 2 – Eyeshadows

Level 3 – concealers, correctors and blushes.

Level 4 – lashes, lash glue, eye pencils and liners, extra eyeshadow.

Level 5 – face and under-eye masks, wet wipes, cotton pads and buds.

My brush holder is from the same brand, I added black tumbler cups in them to keep my brushes more organised.

My highlighters are all stored in this “bangle holder” I found in a very, very random store in Gordon’s Bay, and I use a letter holder from MRP Home to store my most-used eyeshadow palette, lipstick palette and contour kit.


Desk (MRP Home)

Chair (MRP Home – sold out online)

Mirror (Be Beautiful by Katy M)

Storage (Beauty Box SA)

Clock (MRP)

Candle (MRP)

Letter Holder (MRP)

beauty desk layout




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