A Stroll in Munich’s English Garden

Ray Ban aviators from smartbuyglasses, Pick ‘n Pay Clothing scarf, vintage leather jacket, Bershka skirt, American Apparel backpack, Primark boots.

This was going to be a proper, detailed lookpost of what I wore when I went for a walk in the park with my friend, Diane, in Munich on Saturday morning. However, straight after this picture, the battery died. This always happens to me in once-in-a-lifetime moments. Like at crucial moments at weddings, when people depend on me for shots… It also happened when I went to an Arsenal vs. Fulham game, but at least I could watch the game better using my zoom lens as a telescope. In this case the battery was exhausted due to a fun filled day I had had prior at Oktoberfest 2012. I’ll be posting on that soon. I sprained my wrist really badly and couldn’t even use my fingers, hence the lack of posting.

Hope everyone has had an amazing week!