adidas Supernova Glide Boost Launch

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All in or nothing, Lisa and I recently attend the launch of the Supernova Glide Boost running shoes by adidas Performance, which took place at the Alphen Boutique Hotel. Upon our arrival we were all given a bag of training gear, a pair of the running shoes and an iPod shuffle to test out  the trainers of the moment in a surprise 3km run.

Everyone anxiously looked around at the thought of their foundation dripping off in the blistering heat, whereas personally I was concerned about not having eaten breakfast, because best believe I’m that girl who faints when she is active on an empty stomach!

Myself, Lisa and my friend TK from GHFM stuck to a brisk walk and I only broke away to sprint the last 1km. This was when I could really feel what these trainers do for your comfort and speed. It allowed for a light and cushioned toe-off, with its comfortable footbed accelerating your next step. And while there’s a massive difference between adidas Originals (sport-inspired leisurewear) and adidas Performance (specially-designed sportswear), I can see myself wearing these trainers as leisure sneakers. Furthermore, I’m a major fan of their sweat-wicking ClimaLite fabric, and in the midst of the heat and activity on that Saturday morning, it kept me super cool and dry, long sleeves and all.

I used to be the kind of girl who just thought it was enough to train in any tights and tee, as long as my shoes were functional in the gym. But I’ve since learned overall comfort and breathability is key, and so can’t go back to training in my everyday stretchy clothing!


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Photographs by Lisa Gabriel



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