Woolworths purple coat, scarf from a Saudi market, Primark basic black vest, Mr Price skirt, leather sling (a gift from Hong Kong), Primark grey tights, thigh-high boots from eBay UK.

Wore this when I went to see my aunt off at the airport today. Mom took this pic, hence the slight blur!
The airport gives me a really nostalgic feeling and reminds me of how much I am obsessed with adventure and change. Aisha said to me the other day, “I swear your life moves in light years” because deep down I enjoy dramatic change, even when it appears my world as I know it is falling apart. I then get a kick out of the growing pains and confusion that follows – be it in my career, relationships, personality traits or lifestyle. It’s always worth it in the end, so I suppose I just embrace the process.

I’m in a really good space in my life right now, but the travel bug has bitten me hard and I’ve been restless since I returned to SA from my Euro shindig. The airport just reminds me of that. Right now, the only thing that seems more impossible than packing up and moving overseas is staying here.

Just another rambling thought from the mind of a balance-seeking Libra.