All Black Everything


Happy Friday, everyone! I was loving the long weekends when they were here but man, they messed up my work flow. Big time! That, and my sleeping patterns. Seriously, I always had sleeping issues, then I fixed them and for months I was the Goddess of Slumber and early mornings, but these days it’s the complete opposite. I’m trying (and failing) horribly to fix it. Anyways, I’m off to take myself on a solo breakfast date this morning. I love those and haven’t done it in forever! I really hope I don’t see someone I know who comes to sit with me/invite me over because they feel sorry for me for being alone when actually I just want to hang out with myself, some eggs ben and a book! 


Malick chose this outfit because I had outfit block. Apparently he was going for something bad ass? I think I look like single Aqeelah circa 2011; a little rough around the edges and cocky as hell! Anyway, this is my new favourite way to wear my leather jackets which is GREAT since I own so many that I haven’t been wearing much. Isn’t it awesome when you have something and there’s a new way to style it suddenly and it makes all the difference? Also we shot this really long ago, on the day of the Argus Cycle Tour to be exact, hence the crazy wind and my moody face. It’s NEVER fun getting your lipgloss and hair in your mouth when really, all you wanna do is slay manna! PS: Do people still say ‘slay’?


black outfit layout

Jacket from Thailand, T-shirt from H&M, jeans from Cotton On, boots from Carvela at Spitz.

Shot by Malick


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