Aloha from Doha!

My friends know me so well! A few fashion-ish farewell presents received at the airport :)
 Soukh mission – Outfit post coming soon!
 Yummehhh lamb and veggies!
 View of Doha city from the Promenade

Just a few images I snapped out and about in the city and the soukh!

It’s been a looong time since I’ve last posted! Relocating to a new country takes a lot of time, packing, preparation and stress. Internet takes forever to get set up, and the internet café’s here are closed most of the time during Ramedaan. Blogging was pretty much impossible!

So what can I say about Doha?

I’m going to be a little biased here because I love travelling, and I’ll literally go anywhere just for a change of scenery, people and culture. I’ve tweeted so many times that “there’s nothing quite like a foreign city’s energy pumping through your veins”. I thrive on change. It brings me unexplainable happiness, even if the change isn’t as great as my previous situation, I’d rather switch things up than be bored. This is probably also why I always loved fashion from a really young age; it’s constantly changing, evolving.

As much as I love Cape Town, South Africa, my life there, my family and friends… I needed this. Nobody knows me here and it is refreshing. It’s normal to spend time alone.  When humidity and heat of 50 degrees Celsius literally weighs down on you, desert sand gets stuck on your newly-lotioned toes, there is an apparent language barrier and fresh air seems like a figment of my imagination… still… I am smiling.  And there’s always Zara, H&M, Bershka and my old favourite, Pull &Bear to numb any nostalgia, should it arise. I’m loving getting to know the city with my new friends/colleagues, and missioning with my old friend from Cape Town, Malick, and soon my cousin/sister who lives here too will be back.

I’m missing Cape Town Fashion Week for the first time in four years, and my blog finally got to the point where I was invited to enjoy many an exclusive perk (my dream/goal) and yet here I sit, in the Middle East, listening to the Athaan coming from about five surrounding Mosques at 3:30am, completely content with not being able to attend. It is the most surprising and fantastic feeling. Ramedaan Mubarak indeed!

For now the endless lit up skyscrapers set against the backdrop of desert and sea will be the “concrete jungle where [my] dreams are made of”.  Wish me luck!