Androgyny – I want to see more of this

an·drogy·ny (--n) n.   [From Latin androgynus, hermaphrodite, from Greek androgunos : andro-, andro- + gun, woman; see -gynous.] Being neither distinguishably masculine nor feminine, as in dress, appearance, or behavior.
Gender is a behavioural performance, a social construct. It is not biologically natural for men and women to walk differently or like certain things which are typically masculine or feminine. It is not at all natural to wear clothing, let alone for men and women to be distinctly separated as to who gets to wear a skirt and who gets to wear the pants (literally and figuratively). 
I am hoping socially and in fashion the “stare” factor gets lost when these reinforced expressions are defied, particularly with men, and instead of trying to think out of the box we (including me) realise that it’s not about thinking outside of the box, but rather having the box cease to exist in the first place. I’m not trying to do a trend report here… But I wish it would be a little less profound and a little less “gay” when a man wears a skirt, even on the runway.
…just a thought I was having.