Angel & Alien by Mugler: Refilling at The Source & Deciding Which Fragrance is For You


For women like me, a scent often becomes your signature, and I’m a firm believer in investing in at least one good fragrance and wearing perfume every day. That being said, this investment of course runs out. The initial purchase may feel pricey for some, so let’s be honest here; a little discount on a high end perfume goes a long way! On that note, if you’re a lover of Mugler fragrances, I’m here to tell you about Mugler’s The Source stations found in Truworths stores, as well as their Eco-Refill Bottles which are available for purchase so you can re-fill at home. In addition, if you’re curious as to why these fragrances are so many women’s old faithful for over a decade, and you’re thinking of purchasing one of them for the first time, keep reading to find out which of the two is best for you!


Once your first bottle of Angel and/or Alien runs out, you can head over to your nearest Truworths (if you’re in SA), and have that empty bottle refilled. Since you’re only paying for the juice, this option saves you around 30%, and is more environmentally-friendly too! For safe-keeping, your bottle(s) will be placed in a chic satin pouch which also functions as a wiping cloth to keep your fragrances spot-free.



These are ever-so-slightly more expensive than refilling at The Source, but they’re a nice option too if you want to keep it on hand at home/while travelling etc and can’t make it to the store. They come with a simple bottle of the fragrance and a funnel for your refilling convenience.



At first “whiff”, Angel is mostly a flowery and sweet scent, with top notes featuring a composition of jasmine, bergamot, melon, orange and coconut. It can be seen as both a day and night fragrance, with an elegant feel. 

In contrast, Alien is spicy, woody and warm, with an unapologetic aura to its overall feel. It features Indian jasmine in its top notes, rounded off with a warm amber base. The girl who wears Alien enjoys the idea of feeling sexy, since this scent is rebellious, and like its name suggests, she’s pretty out of this world!

It all depends if you’re into something light, flowery and enigmatic (Angel) or spicy, dark and daring (Alien)!

With Alien being my particular favourite, what I love most about wearing a great perfume is the luxurious feel it brings, and it kind of makes you feel like you embody the alter-ego that comes with the scent you choose. Then there’s also the nostalgia it ignites after a while, since the sense the brain associates most with memory is our sense of smell. In case you missed it on my Instagram, take a look at my video at the end of this post to hear about my sentimental attachment to the scent.



This post was done in collaboration with Mugler. All views expressed are my own.


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