Out of every little accoutrement in my closet, I would say this skirt is definitely the most well-kown and most photographed. Following the Tlale show it was pretty much every where and the object of attention for many, so I feel like I have worn it a hundred times instead of once. The next time I wear it will be a long time from now possibly be to the wedding of a third-cousin-twice-removed (Muslims in Cape Town¬†love to have big weddings usually with irrelevant guests), possibly in the Civic Centre on a Sunday, hidden under a round table adorned with cold chicken, lettuce, baby tomato, pineapple and that pulpy catering juice. Maybe some Appletiser and peppermint sweets if you’re lucky. Don’t get me wrong here, those weddings are the best kind, a rare reunion of the family, unpretentious and don’t happen often enough. I feel for that cold chicken now.

Also, I’m going through a major white shoe phase. These heels have been perched on my shoe shelf for months. I bought them in Doha but never wore them until last week, and they haven’t left my feet much since. When I did ditch them it was either for my new white Chuck Taylors, or my white flatforms or my white¬†Nike AF1s.

It seemed like January wouldn’t come to an end and February won’t slow down, I can’t believe it’s the 13th already! However ticking time has gone from daunting to promising. If there’s one thing I learnt in my many failures and imperfections is that failure is the open-ended gap for something great. It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow which is possibly my favourite day of the year! I love loving and spoiling people as much as I can, and a day dedicated to that – not only in the romantic sense – for me is just the best idea anyone ever had. Last year I spent Valentines with my parents and Malick as they came to visit us in Doha, and the year before that I had the most wonderful night with my girls.

It’s not all about who loves you, but also who you love! Karma is real, and always know that it’s not only the bad that comes back to bite you in the ass, but the good too.


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Necklace from Tbilisi, Zara denim shirt, custom-made skirt, casio watch, Primark tote, H&M socks, Topshop shoes.

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel



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