I literally just got in from Barcelona. It was my first time there… and wow. What an amazing city. I’ll do another post on the city, but for now I just wanted to share what I wore. These pictures were taken by random tourists I approached at Park Guel. (The secret to good pictures is look for the tourist with the biggest cameras. They are most likely to know their ish and not be intimidated by your special outfit-post lens). Obsessed with my new Bershka jacket, I think I look like a cute little sheep in it, and it makes me hug myself, which one can never do too often.

I haven’t posted in a while because well, in the last three weeks I’ve been between Hong Kong, Dhaka (twice), Kuala Lumpur, Frankfurt and now Barca, all the while coming back to Doha in between and it’s not breaktime yet! I have shopped quite a lot and I want to share all my purchases with you in a post soon. But I need to shoot it, you know, one day when I am actually in my house with time on my hands.

Right now, it’s 4:30am  in Doha and I just decided I have to post, 2.5 weeks of negligence is not okay. When I do have tiny breaks I use it to be mortal and do normal-people things. Like laundry, scrub my bathroom and play with my boyfriend’s hair. Although I’m thinking of spending a day in Abu Dhabi this week visiting Ferrari World on my days off. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Jokes, I’m going to sleep now :)


Rayban aviators from SmartBuyGlasses, Bershka jacket, vintage denim shirt, necklace from Monkey Temple (Kathmandu), Woolworths vest, Topshop jeans, American Apparel backpack, Maison Martin Margiela boots.


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